Can Horses Have Feelings for Humans?

The beauty of a horse running around a pasture intrigues us all, doesn’t it?

Horses are the most striking and graceful creatures and, in fact, are a symbol of strength and freedom.

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If you’ve recently bought a horse or plan on buying one, you might wonder if horses like humans and have feelings for them. One thing is for sure that horses show emotional reactions towards people – it can be positive or negative. So this indicates that a horse is certainly capable of developing an emotional bond with its owner.

The human and horse relationship is unique as horses are sensitive creatures with an amazing emotional range. However, there are instances when horses don’t get along with humans. The major reasons include the impact of their past experiences with a particular person as well as their tone and body language.

The Emotional Attachment

Basically, the emotional connection depends upon the interaction of an individual with the horse, how they take care of it and ride it. The fact is horses not only understand human emotions but also remember the expressions, and link them to a particular face. This allows them to distinguish whether a person is a threat or not.

Horses show signs of recognition when a familiar face approaches them. They also react and show signs of jealousy if their owner decides to buy another horse. A horse might not listen to a command if the person is aggressive and shouts at these majestic animals. However, they will obey their gentle, loving owner and will also learn to trust you. This trust is one of the major reasons behind the emotional attachment of a horse and a human.

What Makes a Horse and Human Relationship Special?

Horses are quite communicative and might show a broad range of emotions, which is why they tend to develop such a strong bond with a person. Listed below are a few reasons that make a horse and human relationship so special and unique.

Horses Understand Human Emotions

Horses are socially intelligent creatures; this quality allows them to pick up on human emotions and understand them as well.

Did you know that horses have the ability to recognize a person’s mood by looking at their facial expressions? They can distinguish between happiness and anger. Horses not only recognize different emotions but also react to them. They remember how humans show their emotions and respond to them accordingly.

Horses Can Display Emotions

If you think horses only recognize different facial expressions and moods of a person, then you are mistaken. They also show their emotions and communicate as well. Not only do they display their feelings through eyes and ears, but they also express themselves through snorts and neighs.

If a horse snorts regularly, it is an indication that they are happy and are comfortable in their surroundings. However, if the horse neighs or whinnies, it can either convey negative or positive emotions. The different intensities allow a person to differentiate.

A horse usually expresses positive feelings through short and low-frequency neighs. On the other hand, high and extended whinnies might be indicative of negative emotions. To put it simply, a horse’s ability to show its emotions creates a strong and deep bond with a person.

Human’s Natural Respect for Horses

Showing respect is one factor that makes their bond strong and special. Horses demand respect from humans. This allows a horse to trust people and let them approach it if there are no signs of threat. Moreover, the attitude of a person towards a horse makes all the difference.

If an individual doesn’t treat the horse with respect, love, and care, it might retaliate. Horses will also resist people they don’t trust. It is essential for owners, groomers, and riders to show some respect in order to earn the horse’s respect. Once you have the trust of your horse and understand their expressions and neighs, they will listen to you and obey your commands with ease.

It is an established fact that the bond between a horse and a human is special. The relationship you share with your horse is a beautiful and emotionally satisfying feeling. Horses are expressive as well as communicative animals and can show different emotions and attitudes at different times.

When in the company of humans, horses tend to show feelings of happiness, trust, stress, etc. Their ability to understand human emotions and convey theirs as well makes the relationship between them an exceptional one.

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