Hottest Pizza Trends

Pizza is a type of fast food that is loved by people all over the world.

One reason why people love pizza so much is that it is a highly customizable food item.

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You can top it off with anything you like; spinach, pineapple, oranges, chicken, pepperoni, and so-on and so-forth – the options are literally endless. So no matter what topping you prefer, you can certainly enjoy it without an ounce of fear of being judged!

We’ve taken our love for pizza slightly overboard and have compiled a list of the hottest pizza trends that are definitely going to get you craving for a cheesy slice of pizza out of control!

No-Tomato Sauces

Tomato sauces continue to be a significant component of most pizza recipes, but recently, we’ve seen no-tomato sauces gaining some serious hype. Garlic-oil and beet sauces are picking up the pace as more and more consumers are starting to opt for healthier and tastier alternatives to the red sauce. The trend of no-tomato sauces isn’t solely health-driven. Restaurant owners believe that introducing new and creative pizza toppings like a variety of no-tomato sauces gets them more attention as compared to age-old traditional toppings.

Zero-Waste Toppings

A new trend that is getting common around the world is the zero-waste toppings. Not everyone likes all the ingredients or components in their ordered dishes, and many times, a lot of materials go to waste. What restaurants did was analyze the stuff that most commonly ended up in waste. While it may sound a bit off, using damaged produce, unconventional cuts of meat, and food scraps on pizzas as toppings helped restaurants cut down on their costs significantly, all the while ensuring that no food goes to waste. Using these not-so-popular ingredients as toppings on their pizza make pizzas look quite good, and the idea has been welcomed by consumers warmly!

Cauliflower Crust

People are becoming more and more health-conscious, and this is quite evident from the changes they’re bringing in their eating habits. With this, pizza trends are also changing. One of the most popular healthy pizza toppings that we’ve seen on the menus of numerous pizza chains is cauliflower. Believe it or not, cauliflower crust is a new thing. You’ll only know when you try it yourself.

All-Vegetable Toppings

The vegetable movement is getting heated up. People are turning to healthier and greener living. With that being said, why should pizza joints stay behind? They joined the bandwagon and introduced all-vegetable toppings, and we kid you not, people loved it! Meat lovers and vegetarians are constantly on the lookout for these all-vegetable pizzas alike. They long for a crispy cabbage or eggplant topping. More so, they love taking Instagram-worthy pictures of colorful veg-toppings on their pizzas!

Filled Crust

Most of the pizza joints have to deal with plates full of leftover pizza crusts. Since crusts are mostly dough, not many people are fond of finishing them off. So, to combat this type of food wastage, pizza makers came with the idea of a filled crust where they filled the pizza crusts with delicious, melting cheese or juicy kebabs, and guess what? This pizza trend became one of the hottest pizza trends of all time!

Fresh-Made Toppings

Like we mentioned above, people are more health-conscious than they were yesterday, which is why the trend of using fresh produce instead of store-bought, canned ingredients was bound to be a hit. Many restaurants have started to use fresh produce from their own little gardens that they use as their pizza toppings. The taste of processed items can in no way meet the taste of fresh produce. People welcomed the idea of fresh-made toppings open-heartedly, and today, this trend is among the hottest pizza trends.

International Flavors

Gone are the days when you had to go to Italy to enjoy the typical Italian cuisine. Another popular pizza trend that we see today is how pizza joints have started to incorporate international flavors to their local pizzas. People love to try new things, and what could be better than some foreign taste in the pizza next door? African, Ethiopian, and Egyptian flavors are among the most commonly seen international pizza flavors today!

When we say the world of pizza is endless, we really mean it. The possibilities and the experiments that you can do with your pizza are so many that you’re never going to run out of any ideas. The pizza trends listed above are just a few of the many trends that have recently gained considerable hype. How many of these trends have you followed till now?

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