My Flowers New Tab Extension

[vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row padding_setting=”1″ desktop_padding=”no-padding” margin_setting=”1″ desktop_margin=”no-margin”][vc_column alignment_setting=”1″ padding_setting=”1″ desktop_padding=”no-padding” margin_setting=”1″ desktop_margin=”no-margin”][vc_column_text]One more Chrome new tab extension has joined the My Start family- My Flowers!

For centuries flowers have given much pleasure to people of the world. Their beauty has the special capacity of bringing cheer when somebody is ill or upset, their aromas can be used to make divine perfumes or they are also used in some areas of modern and alternative medicine.

Flowers have been always extremely present in our lives, that’s why people have even invented a language attributed to them. It was called “floriography”. Each color, every scent, and the manner the flowers were offered, communicated a specific message. A simple flower could say “yes” or “no” in a situation when words were not allowed to be loudly spoken.

My Flowers Chrome new tab extension is here to brighten your day with amazing wallpapers of charismatic lilies, passionate roses, elegant amaryllis, tender chamomile, joyful sunflowers, fragile tulips, enigmatic magnolias, and many others. It’s time to get lost in endless fields of lavender while walking through a corridor of blossoming trees.

In addition to gorgeous backgrounds, My Flowers new tab page comes with Yahoo! and Google search, a brief description of flower types, weather forecast and an absolutely customizable dashboard. Every browser new tab becomes your personalized home page with images carefully chosen exclusively for you. My Flowers might inspire you taking some professional pictures and uploading them to your favorite extension with “Upload your own photo” feature.


Every new tab will bring you a new virtual fragrance along with a spring or a summer that will last forever in your heart!

Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

Sugar is sweet and so is… My Flowers new tab extension!

I will definitely install this new tab extension to my mom! It is a long-lasting and delightful present for Mother’s day or just any day!

flowers new tab

What are your favorite flowers?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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