Raccoon-ify Your Browser with This Chrome Theme

The raccoon is a small, furry mammal with a distinctive black mask around its eyes. Native to North America, it is known for its agile climbing skills and clever scavenging habits.

The raccoon’s fur is thick and soft to the touch, providing excellent insulation in colder climates. Additionally, its paws are equipped with sharp claws that allow it to climb trees and buildings with ease.

Furthermore, raccoons have a highly developed sense of touch, which they use to manipulate objects and search for food. Their diet is omnivorous, consisting of both plant material and small animals like insects, rodents, and fish. Raccoons are also known for their ability to open containers and even doors, making them a common nuisance in urban areas.

The raccoon is a fascinating and adaptable creature with many unique traits and behaviors.

raccoonSee high resolution wallpapers of cute raccoons here

Transform your browsing experience with the Raccoon Chrome theme. This lively and colorful theme will add some personality to your browser. With its vibrant and playful design, it’s the perfect way to brighten up your day.

Whether you’re browsing for work or leisure, the Raccoon theme will make your browser stand out from the rest. So why settle for a boring browser when you can have one that’s raccoon-ified? Download the Raccoon Chrome theme today and enjoy a new level of browsing fun!

Install MyStart extension and enjoy HD wallpapers of cute raccoons every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome.

This new tab extension brings you a large variety of high definition images of raccoons. You can launch a slideshow and enjoy an awesome wallpaper animation. You can also shuffle all wallpapers, or only your favorites. We add new pictures regularly. You can customize the background and add up to 20 pictures of your own if you want.

Search the web using Bing or select Google instead. Get quick access to your most visited sites, chrome apps like Gmail, games, or quick reminder with To-Do List right on the extension. Date, time, temperature, weather forecast, and even music can be shown on the Raccoon new tab if you need. You can enjoy all these features for free!

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