The Health Benefits of Sushi

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes that’s consumed all over the world.

The Japanese delicacy has been around for more than 700 years, but the version that we see today only came 200 years ago.

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Most people know sushi as a chunk of raw fish wrapped in rice, but it is not so simple in reality! Sushi is a generic term that’s given to dishes that use rice seasoned with vinegar and are topped with raw fish or vegetables. It means that sushi can be made without fish. The star ingredient of sushi is rice and not fish. Now wasn’t that a revelation?

So why do people mistake sushi for raw fish? Here’s why!

Sushi and Sashimi: Know the Difference

Sushi is a rice dish that may or may not have raw fish, whereas sashimi is a fresh fish delicacy that cannot be prepared without a piece of fish. Since both the dishes sound similar, people often confuse them for one another. And because sushi is the more popular Japanese staple between the two, it overshadows sashimi, which is why people never pay attention to the fundamentals of both.

Now that you know what sushi really is let’s move on to the health benefits of sushi.

Improves Heart Health

Sushi is rich in omega3 fish oils, which makes it incredibly beneficial for the human body. Fish oils are essential oils that are not produced by our body but benefit our health significantly. They are excellent at reducing cholesterol and maintaining heart rhythm. They reduce the risk of heart disease and bring down inflammation anywhere in the body. People with a heart condition or high cholesterol should include sushi in their diet to reap the benefits of omega3 fish oils.

Keeps Negative Emotions at Bay

Sushi is not only great for your heart health, but it’s also excellent for your mental health. It is loaded with vitamin B12, which keeps the brain relaxed and wards off anxiety and depression. People who have sushi regularly are more likely to feel happy and clear-minded.

Reduces Cravings

Sushi is rich in protein, so it keeps the energy level in the body stable for longer durations that leads to improved metabolism and greater satiety. A person feels full for a long time after having sushi, which reduces snacking between meals. If you are planning to go on a diet, then consider incorporating sushi in your meals. It’ll help your weight loss journey.

Enhances the Skin

Sushi is an incredible source of antioxidants that slow down cell growth and prevent cell damage, which means they slow down aging. The antioxidants found in sushi ensure that the skin’s cell structure remains intact for as long as possible, keeping the skin tissues young and radiant for longer.

Improves Brain Activity

Sushi is rich in fatty acids that repair brain damage (if any) and nourish the brain. It noticeably improves the mind’s ability to concentrate and enhances cognition. If you are having a hard time working at your office, try having sushi for lunch and see the magic!

Fights Osteoporosis

If you are afraid of developing the incapacitating bone condition of osteoporosis, then include sushi in your diet. Sushi is high in calcium, which makes it perfect for keeping bones healthy and safe from osteoporosis.

Boosts Memory

Eating sushi regularly is an excellent way of boosting your memory. Sushi is packed with essential oils that improve memory and brain function. If you are forgetful and want to get better, incorporate sushi in your diet, you’ll surely notice a difference in your ability to recall things.

Boosts Immunity

Sushi is loaded with many vital minerals such as zinc and calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron, which are necessary for a healthy immune system. Including sushi is an easy and quick way of boosting your immunity.

Repairs Muscles

If you are a gym fanatic and love to wear out your muscles daily, start eating sushi to replenish your fatigued muscles. Sushi is charged with protein, so it aids muscle repair significantly. Try to have sushi at least twice or thrice in a week to help your muscles recover from working out.

Maintains Hormonal Balance

Most sushi rolls are wrapped in seaweed sheets that are high in iodine. Iodine is excellent at maintaining the body’s hormonal balance and aids the functioning of glands in the body.

Sushi is great for your health. With that said, you cannot expect it to improve your health drastically the first time you eat it. If you want to reap the benefits that come from eating sushi, you need to have it regularly.

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