Top Ways of Using Palm Trees in Garden Design

We instantly picture a nice sunny, breezy beach with palm trees when we think of a vacation.

Why can’t you enjoy a similar setting right at your own home garden?

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Including palm trees in your garden design is one of the best ways to enjoy the perfect summer vacation scenario right at your home. With the ever-increasing popularity of these amazing, sensual and beautiful trees, people are now including palm trees in their garden designs more than ever.

Garden designers from Vancouver to Singapore are popularly considering palm trees for home garden design more so because the tree of its kind has almost 2500 diverse species. These types make palm trees perfect for almost all landscaping needs, from beaches to home gardens.

5 Great Ways of Including Palm Trees in Your Garden Design

So do you want to indulge in a tropical vacation look in your home garden design with palm trees? Following are 5 top ways of using palm trees in garden design.

1.   The Beachy Vibe

The beachy vibe can easily be achieved, especially if you have a beachside home looking over the beach. However, even if your garden design doesn’t pertain to a beach house, palm trees can definitely bring in the much-desired vibe. They add a serene and sensory experience to the whole outlook. So for the particular beach look, the classic palm tree type like the Sabal Palm will bring in the desired beach effect and do the trick for you.

2.   The Retro Hollywood Boulevard Aesthetic

The infamous California Fan Palm that can be seen running along Hollywood Boulevard is a dream setting for many people. The old Hollywood retro aesthetic just takes you back into those early days of Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Cash – smoking cigars and playing poker under palm trees. So now, the postcard-worthy palm trees can easily be included in your home garden design. Maintaining the bold, symmetrical foliage would be a tad bit challenging, but a good garden designer should be able to achieve the retro aesthetic for you.

3.   The Royal Rio Experience

Rio de Janeiro’s Botanical Gardens are infamous for their royal palm trees. The short and stout Pindo Palm Tree type is what gives it the crown jewel effect, and guess what? You can now have a similar design element in your very own garden design. These distinguished palm tree types are known to withstand extreme temperature highs and lows, making them a low-maintenance yet elegant addition to your residential garden design. Any expert garden designer should be able to achieve an evenly spaced look for the desired effect with your favorite palm trees,

4.   The Greek Temple Feel

Palm trees are one of the best statement-making trees that you can add to your garden design. However, in order to not let them hide or merge with other plants, the best way to let them stand out is to landscape around them and create a pool in the middle. This medieval design aesthetic is much inspired by the Greek temples where palm trees were planted as shades around the great baths. So whether it is your outdoor pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi, a singular pair of palm trees standing as a statement maker beside it can make the perfect Greek temple outlook for your garden design.

5.   The Mediterranean Back Drop

Not many people get to travel across oceans and enjoy the Mediterranean coastline, especially with those beautiful Asian palm trees commonly known as the Palmyra palm. But now, the tree can make it to your home garden design and create a similar landscape for you to enjoy. A garden design expert shall suggest you align five to six palm trees in a singular row alongside a wall. This shall create the typical Mediterranean backdrop look that you typically see in pictures of Turkey and Egypt.

Final Thoughts

Palm trees are of so many kinds that you can easily find one or the other that would fit your desired garden design. Whether you want the beach vibe, go retro Hollywood, or like a royal experience to manifest, palm trees can much so easily melt in your preferred setting.

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