10 Cute Names For Your Kitten

10 Cute Names For Your Kitten

There are many cute names for your kitten you can choose based on the breed and color of fur.

If you’re thinking of getting a cute kitten to join your house as a pet and new family member, you’re probably wondering what to name her.

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Instead of simply providing a list of names, we’ll tell you exactly why you should choose that particular name. Cats can get confused if you call them out using random names, which is why it’s best to choose the most adorable name ever.

Let us get into some cute names for your cat and why it might be the right fit.

01. Jiji

Jiji is a wonderful name for a black cat in particular, to be completely honest.

The cat’s name is from the popular animated movie Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Jiji, the cat, is a great companion who follows Kiki on her errands throughout the city and is a favorite of many who enjoyed that animated movie.

02. Marshmallow

Do we really need to justify this cute name for your cat?

If your cat is white and fluffy, marshmallow is a great name, especially if your cat enjoys being squished.

Names do more than just describe appearance; they also describe personalities.

03. Fluffy

Fluffy can also be a dog’s name but is the perfect choice for your new cat if she is fluffy and adorable.

Some people may find it too common and basic, but if the cat looks like a ball of fluff, what else can you do but name her appropriately?

If you cringe at cute cat names, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this article anyway.

04. Sunshine

If your cat’s meows bring a bright smile to your face, you can maybe think about calling her sunshine.

Cats have a knack for making people happy and bringing out positive emotions, which is why sunshine is the perfect name for your particular ray of sunshine.

05. Bubbles

If you ever watched the power puff girls, bubbles may be a great name for your cat.

If your cat is docile, friendly, and lovable, you should name her appropriately.

Be warned, though; you are likely to squish her way too often if you put a cute name to that face.

06. Totoro

Totoro is another cute and unique name that you might be familiar with if you ever watched the animated movie called my neighbor Totoro.

Totoro is a big and fluffy cat-like creature that appears out of nowhere and resembles a massive ball of fluff.

If you’re not familiar with the movie but like the name, maybe you should watch it, so there’s no need to question it any further.

07. Snorlax

This one’s a favorite for those who grew up watching Pokemon.

In the original Pokemon series, Snorlax is a big and fat Pokemon weighing over 1000 pounds, is super lazy, and sleeps all the time.

It’s known to block certain areas and requires a flute to be woken up, and if that sounds familiar, then maybe you’re looking to share your house with a Snorlax from now on.

A fitting name for a cat if the personality matches, don’t you think?

08. Brownie

This is another fun name for a cat that resembles a dark chocolate dessert, and maybe you’ll consider it the perfect choice for your dark and fluffy feline friend.

Desserts are sweet, and brownie is surely a cute name for any dark-colored cat you can get your paws on.

09. Oreo

Well, if you like desserts, then maybe it’s good that we’re giving you these choices based on your particular taste.

The cool thing about naming cats is that you’re only limited by your creativity, which is why Oreo may be the perfect name for a black and white kitten who’s so sweet you want to just pick her up and stroke her on your lap.

10. Paw Paw

This one’s an excellent choice for felines that resemble a bundle of energy and can’t stop playing around with any objects it sees.

Paw Paw is a cute and funny name for particularly mischievous cats who enjoy running around and chasing moving objects, and it’ll certainly grow on you.

When choosing cute names for your kitten, it helps to think of appearance and personality before reaching the final decision.

Cats are joyful companions, and it’s in your best interest to take some time to think of the perfect name before it’s too late.

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