Want to Get into Running? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Want to Get into Running? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Running has a lot of health benefits.

It’s a great way to energize yourself for the day, clear your mind, and get some fresh air. Running strengthens your muscles, keeps your bones healthy and strong, increases your lung capacity, and helps you maintain a good weight, amongst other benefits.

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If you haven’t ever tried running and would like to get into it, here is everything you need to know about running:

Different Types of Running

Running can seem pretty straightforward, but there are actually a few different types of running that you should know about if your are a beginner. You should try all of these and figure out which kind you enjoy. You could even plan out a combination of different types.

Treadmill Running

If you don’t want to go outside and prefer to run on your own or stay indoors, treadmill running can be a good option for you. A treadmill allows you to adjust your running speed, pace, level of incline, and resistance. This can make running much easier than outdoor running and gentler on your joints.

Road Running

Road running involves running on roads, pavements, sidewalks, and other paths. This is the most common and convenient kind of running since you can start running immediately after leaving your house and don’t need to get to a particular track or trail.

Track Running

Track running is running on specifically designed running tracks. These tracks are usually shorter distances and include hurdles and other obstacles and barriers. Track running is often safer than road running or trail running since you are on a specifically designed track and do not have to worry about traffic, stray plants and roots to trip over, or any animals getting in your way.

Trail Running

If you’re a fan of nature and good scenery, trail running is perfect for you. Running trails cross through forests, hiking trails, mountains, and other terrains.

What You Should Do Before You Get Started

Before you start running, there are a few things you need to do. If you’re used to living a sedentary life, sudden exercise can harm your muscles and bones. Additionally, if you have an underlying condition, you may need to take some extra precautions. The first thing to do is get cleared by a doctor.

As a running beginner, you don’t need to buy specific running clothes and can wear clothes you already have, such as an old t-shirt, a pair of shorts, or some tights. What you absolutely can’t do without is a pair of good running shoes and a sports bra.


It is important to start each run with a gentle warm-up of stretches and exercises for a minimum of 5 minutes. You can even start a run with a mix of walking, jogging, and running until you find your rhythm.

Maintain proper form

You should also try and maintain a proper form while you run to avoid the risk of injury. Improper form can also slow you down while you run. Pay close attention to your posture and keep your head high and shoulders relaxed.

Nutrition and hydration

Running exerts a lot of energy, and you have to keep up your nutrition and hydration. What you eat before and after your run will affect your speed, energy levels, and general performance. Eat a light meal an hour before you run, and then a protein and carb-heavy meal after you’re done.

If you’re going for a longer run, you may want to have a snack while running to keep up your energy levels. You want simple carbohydrates that your body can easily absorb. Consider something small and easy like a banana, a handful of raisins, or some jelly candy.

We cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated. You sweat a lot while you run, and without hydrating, you could faint or start feeling light-headed. Make sure to drink plenty of water before you run, and keep a water bottle on you during longer runs. You could also try out energy drinks that help replace lost sodium and electrolytes.

Our Final Thoughts

Don’t let an overflow of information and complicated terms deter you if you want to start running. Follow our beginner’s guide and grab a pair of good running shoes, put on any comfortable clothes, and try it out for yourself.

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