5 Things to Do At Night When In Athens, Greece

Being in a foreign country can have you feeling all sorts of emotions.

From feeling intimidated by being in an unknown land to being excited about the freedom it brings.

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The thrill of traveling remains undefeated despite a whole pandemic putting an unprecedented pause in the middle of our expeditions. But now, as the world reopens to the new normal, there are more flights departing for foreign lands across the oceans than ever before.

Therefore, today pinned on our map is Athens, Greece. The rightful capital and the largest city of the historic country of Greece, Athens stands as one of the oldest cities in the world. With a recorded history dating back to almost 3500 years when the earliest human presence started out in 7th BC, Athens carries the badge with pride even today, having reserved its historic landmarks with much zeal.

Hence, as there are many touristy things to do during the day when in Athens, Greece. However, there is a whole nightlife you might be missing out on if you don’t know where to go when the sunsets. If you resort to your rooms, then this guide is just for you. We are going to share our top five picks of things you can do at night when in Athens, Greece.

1.   Start With a Good Old Night Stroll

You can never go wrong with a good old night stroll when in Athens, Greece. Whether you are going to continue along and have more plans or take a short walk around your hotel and come back, that is up to you. But the city practically never sleeps and is beautifully illuminated at night time, allowing picturesque views without the heat of the sun. Moreover, who can ever say no to the romance in the atmosphere and right of movie scenarios on roadsides?

2.   Catch a Film at an Open Air Cinema

If you are continuing your night stroll (which we hope you are), the next step is possibly at an open-air cinema. In fact, if you are a cine-goer and love to watch movies in general, then there is no better experience out there for you. There are plenty of choices, from romantic Greek cult classics to Hollywood. Moreover, the cool night breeze and scenic setting of the open-air cinemas make them one of the best night-time spots in Athens, Greece.

3.   Make a Layover for a Meze Dinner

Now it is time for dinner, and what better way to enjoy a delicious, traditional Greek meal than to have meze dinner along with the infamous Greek wine and local tunes to eat too. Meze is basically a curated assortment of small dishes that are usually enjoyed as a light meal. After all, you are on a night stroll and potentially going to be partying till late, so you don’t need a heavy mean anyways. Hence, a meze dinner would possibly consist of a grazing board with savory goodies, cheeses, dips, and spreads to make your night tasteful in Athens, Greece.

4.   Next Stop Is a Rooftop Bar

Now while you are at it, you may not want to miss out on the chance to have a drink (or two) on a rooftop bar in Athens, Greece. The best part about rooftop bars is that they build up the open-air ambiance and have amazing drinks, and provide beautiful picturesque views of the city. There are rooftop bars located on hills that show the whole illuminated city underneath, making it one amazing scenic of a view at night.

5.   Party Till the Sun Is Back Up

You have strolled the city, enjoyed a movie in an open-air cinema, had meze dinner, heard local tunes, and enjoyed a drink. So now the only thing missing or left is to either head back to your hotel or enjoy the nightlife that Athens, Greece has to offer. Greece is definitely a party country, and you don’t want to miss out on the incredible nightlife that its clubs have to offer. Hence, we suggest you hit a club and party till the sun gets back up like it’s no tomorrow.

In Conclusion,

We will just plainly suggest that you make the most of your travel destinations by checking out what to do at all times when in the city, especially someplace as amazing as Athens, Greece. Historic cities have a lot to offer, and there is only so much you can take in during the day, so night-time does work the best. So don’t resort to your hotel rooms at sundown and explore the city as much as you can, Bon Voyage!

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