Best tropical honeymoon destinations

Best Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

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Although the results are completely worth it, planning a wedding can also be stressful and time-consuming.

This is why it’s only fair to want peace of mind and a beautiful view when it comes to the honeymoon.

My Tropical Beach is a must-have extension if you want to learn more about best tropical honeymoon destinations.   Here’s a list of the best tropical honeymoon destinations and islands to spend a romantic and unforgettable getaway.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is popularly known for its white sandy beaches, its lush greenery, its soaring volcanic peaks, and its water activities through the coral reefs. With sophisticated and paradisiac beaches and lavish resorts available all year long, Bora Bora contains everything a couple would look forward to on their ideal honeymoon.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Home to volcanic beaches, luxury resorts, fishing villages and reed-diving sites, Saint Lucia promises a variety of fun activities on site. With its interior rainforest leading to its high waterfalls, this exotic hideaway has some of the best and stunning jaw dropping scenery.

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia, Caribbean. Marigot Bay is located on the west coast of the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Bali, Indonesia

Known for its friendly residents, the Indonesian island of Bali has everything one could wish for. From beautiful beaches to lush jungle greenery, luxury spa resorts to unreal green vistas, and let’s not forget, the great food, Bali is the perfect relaxing getaway.

Phuket, Thailand

Other than being an intimate, picturesque romantic destination and be the home of several award-winning restaurants with perfect hilltop and sunset views, Phuket also has a nightlife worth exploring. Between bars, beach clubs, cabarets and Go-Go bars, it’s the perfect honeymoon island for those who love to have fun.

Longtale boat at the beach

Santorini, Greece

Santorini will greet you with its breath-taking scenery and its Romantic architecture. With incredible views of the magnificent villages, volcanic cliffs over overlooking the crystal-blue Aegean Sea, and glorious sunsets, Santorini is a perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

Santorini island, Greece.

Maui, Hawaii

Of course, Hawaii couldn’t not feature in this list. One of the most popular destination in the world, the island of Maui is a must when it comes to a perfect, relaxing, sunny, romantic type of getaway. You will be able to enjoy the beach, the waterfalls and the luxury resorts all while being under the warmth of the sun.

Maui, Hawaii

Maldives, South Asia

The Maldives beaches offer the flawless beauty of nature, with an intimate setting of soft white sand and azure colored waters. Whether it’s an exciting water-sport, a massage or an exotic spa, this romantic getaway will make you feel like you and your partner are alone in the world.

Tropical Maldives island resort on a sunny day

Hamilton Island, Australia

One of the many reasons why Hamilton Island is a great choice when it comes to honeymoons is because of its wide variety of accommodations. Whether you prefer beach resorts, sea view hotels, tropical gardens or secluded holiday homes, there’s enough options for every taste. Not only that, it’s also a popular destination for destination weddings as it also has a range of scenic ceremony locations.

Seychelles, East Africa

Seychelles offers what every newlywed couple want in a honeymoon; white sand, turquoise water and luxurious resorts and hotels. Known for its heart-warming people and carnival-like spirit, everywhere you look will make you stop to admire the beauty of your surroundings.

Picturesque dream beach with white sand, golden granite rocks, palm trees, turquoise water and a blue sky at anse lazio on praslin island on the seychelles. Simply paradise…

Boracay, Philippines

The Philippines is slowly becoming one of the most popular best tropical honeymoon destinations! Its fairy-tale like islands and its affordable prices are a dream for every tourist. Boracay has been named the most beautiful island of the world. Truly a tropical paradise, it creates the perfect romantic setting to share with your other half.

Diniwid beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

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