Hong Kong

Top Seven Places to Visit in Hong Kong

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As the world’s seventh-largest trading entity, Hong Kong is also known for its iconic skyline.

To fully experience a trip to this important Chinese city, here are the top places to visit while staying in Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbor which offers scenic views and has a variety of things to do in proximity. Some of the most beautiful skylines of Hong Kong are taken from Victoria Harbour. Riding the Star Ferry, enjoying the Avenue of Stars or shopping at the Harbor City Mall are examples of activities to do while touring this harbor.

Victoria harbor Hong Kong

Nan Lian Garden

Built in the style of the Tang dynasty, this Classical Chinese Garden is a scenic public park and garden where all elements were carefully arranged. Everything has been placed according to specific rules and method to create a perfect balance between nature and the environment. Exhibitions of Chinese timber architectures, old rocks, and potted plants, teahouses and restaurants are all available to be experienced in the Nan Lian Garden.

Nan Lian garden

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

With a height of 60 meters, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel is one of the most popular touristic attraction as it expects approximately one million riders every year. With 42 luxurious gondolas and comfortable seats inside the wheel, it is a must to get stunning day and night views of the Victoria Harbour. Around the wheel, there is a plaza with places to eat and drink. It’s also where events are held.

Ferris wheel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

Po Lin Monastery

The Po Lin Monastery is a beautiful Buddhist temple complex which holds the infamous 34 meters high Big Buddha statue. The statue, which took 12 years to complete, sits on top of 268 steps and offers magnificent sea views. The Po Lin Monastery is one of the most important Buddhist sanctums where you can also find an Exhibition Hall for Buddhist relics, a meditation hall, an abbot’s chamber and other cultural facilities.

Po Lin Kloster in Lantau

Spring Lantern Festival

The Spring Lantern Festival only happens once a year, on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month. During this festival, Hong Kong is decorated with colorful lanterns hung in parks, flower markets and restaurants. Defined by many as the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day, the way Hong Kong is transformed for the event is definitely worth seeing.

Chinese lanterns

Lantau Island

Located at the mouth of the Pearl River, Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong, where people can enjoy Buddhist architecture, a mall of shopping outlets and even a long sandy beach. The island is not only a great experience to see another side of Hong Kong, but is also easy to get to and is considered the most natural parkland.

Giant Buddha/Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong, Lantau Island

Ham Tin Wan

One of Hong Kong’s favorite and best-kept secret, Ham Tin Wan is one of the four beaches in Tai Long Wan, a 3-kilometer-wide bay located on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. With powdery sand and clear water, this well-preserved beach is the perfect escape from the big city.

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