The Best Cities To Visit In The USA

Everyone has The United States of America on their travel bucket list.

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From spectacular national parks to endless sandy beaches to high-rise buildings, the US has it all.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic looking for a cheesy romantic weekend or an adventure freak who’s on a lookout for an adventure-packed vacation destination, the US is the place to be!

The USA is a huge country with 50 states and more than 19,000 incorporated cities. You can’t possibly make time to visit them all in one go. Even if you’ve got a month to spare from your hectic life, you can only visit a few states. What states you choose to visit will ultimately decide how satisfied you’ll be with your trip.

To make it your trip easier for you, and to ensure that you have the best vacation possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities to visit in the USA.

1.     New York City

When they say that there’s no city like New York City, they’re right. New York City is an incredible blend of cultures, languages, neighborhoods, and personal styles. Whether it’s a walk on the streets of Manhattan or a drive through the Hudson Yards, it all adds to a truly fascinating experience.

The city itself offers so much to its tourists. You can visit the museums or enjoy a show on Broadway, or you can simply stroll through Central Park. With drool-worthy New York cuisine and a drink at a speakeasy, you’ll make memories of a lifetime to take back home!

2.     Los Angeles

Sun, sand, and movies are probably the first few things that pop in your mind when you think about Los Angeles. From the ocean to the mountains, Los Angeles has a lot for you to explore. Some of the major tourist attractions in Los Angeles include Hotel Erwin, from the rooftop of which you can enjoy an expansive view of the entire city. Along with this, there’s also surfing at Malibu, the Getty Museum, shopping on Rodeo Drive, and Disneyland! If you’re looking for a bumper package, Los Angeles is the place to be!

3.     Las Vegas

We’ve all seen the blockbuster movie, ‘What Happens In Vegas,’ and we’re pretty sure you’ve wanted to go there ever since! Las Vegas should definitely be on your list when you’re visiting America. You’ll find more lights in this place than you’ll find anywhere else. You’ll come across ways of gambling that you never knew existed. The glitz and glamour are what makes Las Vegas a dream destination for anyone who’s looking for a good time in the States!

4.     San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the hippest, coolest, and friendliest cities in the US. If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday destination, San Francisco should be at the top of your list. It brings together a wide variety of cultures, art, people, and, most importantly, food, all at one beautiful location. San Francisco is built on hills and is surrounded by water. It is usually chilly here all round the year, so don’t forget to pack a sweater!

5.     Miami

If you want to visit a city where you can soak in the sun all day long and dance the night away, Miami is the place to be. Miami is a vibrant city where you’ll see the heavy influence of the Hispanic culture. From fantastic food to exciting nightlife, Miami seems to be awake round the clock!

6.     Chicago

Chicago is often referred to as the ‘windy city’. It is home to some of the best museums, stunning parks, and a beautiful beach.  It is most famous for its theater performances and live music that takes place around the city all day long.

The Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, the Cubbies, and Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza are some of the many things that put Chicago on our list of the best cities to visit in USA. If you want to experience ‘all that jazz,’ you must visit Chicago!

7.     Boston

Boston is one of the first cities of America, but it has managed to retain its charm over the years. It is one of the finest cities in the US and definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on. The city boasts of the perfect blend of history and modern living. Boston is most popular for its fresh seafood. It is also known for literary culture. If you’ve got a taste for a fusion of history and modernity and the thought of fresh seafood makes your mouth water, you know where you got to be.

If there is one country that is an all-in-one package, it is, without a doubt, the United States of America. It’s quite hard not to fall in love with the country, especially when it has something to offer for everyone!

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