Cactus Brings Bad Luck in Homes: Myth or Fact?

If you’re a little superstitious, you might yourself fret over things that could possibly bring misfortune inside your home.

If you shy at the sight of a black cat crossing your path, this article is a must-read for you.

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There are many myths that have no logical reasoning – they’re called myths for a reason – and an age-old one says that cacti bring bad luck to your homes! Is this true? Let’s delve deeper.

The Bad Luck Tradition

Unfortunately for plant lovers, the Feng shui and many other traditions claim that cacti and other spiked plants attract negative energy and should not be kept inside your homes. They believe the assertion that any plants with spiked surfaces could lead to friction in your relationships, and the cactus falls under that category.

Since cactus hails from deserts, they can survive without water for long time periods. This is one of the reasons why proponents of this claim believe they are not considered symbols of abundance and could potentially lead to monetary loss.

Myth Buster!

Interestingly, some people refuse to believe the claim that any bad energy could be trapped inside the thorns of mere plants. Cacti are low-maintenance plants that are great to keep inside homes as they bring subtle beauty and offer a great visual experience. However, advocates of both opposing views do agree that the placement of the plant can make all the difference. This is a glimmer of hope for those who have cacti inside homes!

Where to Place the Cactus?

So, how exactly can you evade bad luck from cactus? We have one word for you: placement!

If you believe that cactus does indeed bring bad luck, avoid placing the plant at the entrance of your door. You can also place it outside the vicinity of your homes, like on a terrace and balcony. Since a cactus does not require much care and maintenance, finding the right place for it shouldn’t be a problem at all! When their placement is right, the cactus can bring loads of benefits to you, taking the role of protector plants.

Benefits of Cactus

If you think cactus bring bad luck, placing it outside on your terrace essentially means that it will take out bad luck from your home, so it’s basically a win-win situation. Not bad, eh? But enough with the superstitions. There are some real health benefits of buying these spiky plants.

They Improve Air Quality

Succulents like cactus help to filter out toxins from our breathing space. Plants soak up our respiratory waste, namely carbon dioxide, and convert it into clean oxygen we can breathe!

They Have Healing Properties

The cactus plant is known for containing nutrients that offer medicinal purposes. Both the cactus pad and fruit can help to fight infections and alleviate symptoms of high cholesterol. But of course, this should be done with medical advice from a professional.

They Boost Productivity

The cactus can be kept inside homes and offices as it is known to increase productivity by a whopping 12%. They do so by removing carbon dioxide from the air, which can make us feel anxious and restless. With an indoor plant, like a cactus, you can experience increased concentration and focus.

How To Care For a Cactus

Although this isn’t a health benefit, cactus is a low-maintenance plant that is super easy to care for since it does not require much irrigation. It just needs to be watered every 10 to 14 days and that too in very little quantity. To avoid overwatering it, you can use a spray bottle. Another golden rule is to check the soil for moisture before watering because it is important to let the compost dry out before each watering session.

Should I Keep a Cactus?

The choice is really yours. If you feel too superstitious, you can always place the beautiful cacti outside on your terrace. Otherwise, there is really no concrete science behind this assertion and many people keep cacti inside to help receive the benefits mentioned above. If you’re still doubtful, you can look for other indoor house plans like the money plant, bamboo and peppermint, which are believed to bring good luck!

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