Top 5 Mountain Biking Trails in the World

For many nature enthusiasts, mountain biking is the perfect way to unwind.

There’s absolutely nothing like the adrenaline rush you get from this expedition!

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If you are an avid adventurer, you’re likely always looking for interesting and adventurous mountain trails to explore.

While the experience depends on each person’s individual preference, there are some mountain biking trails in the world that have consistently received raving reviews. If your feet are rearing to go, don’t forget to check the following trails off your bucket list!

1. Achnashellach, Scotland

Achnashellach is reminiscent of the Wild West and a true test of a bike rider! If you’re up for a teeth-chattering ride, this is the trail for you. Set amidst dramatic scenery, mystical weather and rugged rock gardens, any rider will experience one hell of a thrill.

Achnashellach is set within the heart of the Torridon Mountains, entrenched in a deep glen. Only venture to explore this trail if you’re an experienced mountain biker as the burly rock ride will surely have you on the edge of the seat. But if you’re up for the challenge, there’s nothing like it.

2. Colorado Trail, Denver

The Colorado trail is a long-distance trail that spans about 486 miles. It starts at the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango in Colorado. This single track trail is ideal for bikers who want to take in the scenic beauty while traversing and really feel at one with nature.

This trail is really a test of your capacity as it is famous for its long busting elevation! It would take you about 4-6 weeks to cross the whole trail, so you would need to break it up in segments. There may be some off-limit areas for bikes so you will also need to take a detour. Basically, this trail has all the makings of an amazing adventure!

3. Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong

Hidden away in Asia is this wonderful mountain bike trail that offers a 31 km day route with everything you would need for a thrilling experience. This is one of those underrated trails that will end up pleasantly surprising you in the end.

It offers scenic views of mountains and exciting, technical descents. It also features great sea views once you reach the top. The end of the tarmac road offers you two paths of varying difficulty. However, you need great balance to maneuver the narrow rocky paths. This trail will be a true test of your biking abilities!

4. Welschtobel, Switzerland

The scenic beauty of Switzerland alone is enough to entice to a mountain bike trail in the region! Fortunately, bikers can now take in the breathtaking views as they traverse this trail. It is easily the best mountain bike trail in the Lenzerheide region. It offers an adrenaline pumping 10 mile descent through an alpine valley that is stunning to say the least.

The trail is wild and adventurous, and you’ll pass above treeline alpine zones, lower tree zones and river crossings. This single-track trail is a must try for all those who want to test their endurance while soaking up Switzerland’s exceptional beauty.

5. Copper Harbor Trails, Michigan

This 37 mile trail is more suitable for advanced bikers. Since it is a long trail, a few words cannot perfectly sum up the amazing experience. The single-track trail offers great points of elevation, allowing the biker to really feel his blood and sweat!

You get to go through untamed forestland that are lined with interesting geological features that are a must-see! The best thing about these trails is that they provide relief and a quick getaway from all the commotion. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle is this scenic trail that provides bikers the ultimate adventure. It is touted as the quintessential destination for silent sportsmen who want to exercise their skills without any commotion.

Mountain biking is a surreal experience if the surroundings are right. These mountain bike trails will give you the experience you are yearning for – be it scenic beauty, uneasy terrain or heart-pumping dips and descents. Try these mountain biking trails taking your level of experience and performance into consideration. If you have any more interesting mountain bike trails to share with us, let us know in the comments below!

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