Best Places To Learn Surfing – A Beginner’s Guide

Searching for the best places to learn surfing can be a tad difficult.

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After all, when you’re just practicing staying up on the board, the right location would be your biggest consideration.

If you are a beginner looking for easy locations to practice surfing, this guide will help you chose just the right spot.

1. Palomino, Colombia

Palomino is touted as one of the nicest beaches in Columbia. While Palomino may not be the top place to surf for experts, it is the ideal spot for beginners. It has a very gentle slope, which makes it easier for beginners to balance and easily surf. This is set amidst breathtaking settings, which make the experience even more worthwhile.

2. Waikiki, Hawaii

This spot has been declared a beginner surfer’s paradise. It is the exact opposite of Pipeline, which offers the perfect wave for experts. Waikiki’s meek waves let learners practice easily and perfect their skills. Many novices have ridden their first wave at this popular surfing spot!

3. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

With this spot, now you can learn to surf in a real tropical paradise! This destination is ideal for surfers of all levels. If you’re a beginner, November to May is the best time to visit as Costa Rica receives bigger swells throughout the rest of the year. The long beach located at the center of the town is the ideal spot for surfers just starting out.

4. La Jolla Shores, California

La Jolla embodies a laid back attitude, which makes it more suitable for beginner surfers. While it works for all levels of surfers, it is just perfect for beginners during the summertime when it is already packed with beginners and surf schools. You can perfect your skill with the humble swell before you venture out to more challenging spots.

5. Huanchaco, Peru

This destination has been calling out to surfers for ages. It has a rich history but not exactly in surfing. Fishermen have been riding the waves since forever! This spot offers waves suited for long boards, which allows you to connect different sections on the wave. Perfect your surfing skills with the company of fisherman nearby!

6. Sayulita, Mexico

Mexico has been heralded as a surfer’s paradise, so Sayulita is no exception! Mexico offers some of the biggest waves in the world – but not to worry, since not all spots are like that. Sayulita is a calm, mellow beach and makes for the ideal surfing spot for beginners. You can practice surfing without feeling overwhelmed. When you’re a pro, you can advance to more expert surfing spots nearby!

7. Cocoa Beach, Florida

If you are looking to learn surfing or perfect what you have learned in the company of other beginner surfers, Cocoa Beach is the place to be! You will witness gentle waves rolling down from the north and south sides and hundreds of other beginners popping up and down with the wave!

8. Byron Bay, Australia

This is a laid back town, offering the perfect camaraderie for a beginner surfer. It offers the perfect waves for newbie surfers throughout the year. Enjoy the surf culture and the relaxed atmosphere as you learn how to ride the gentle waves. With several different styles of waves nearby, you can move on to more advanced levels once you’ve perfected your skill.

9. Taghazout, Morocco

Morocco has consistently held the title of one of the best surfing destinations since 1970. People escape the harsh weather and venture out to this spot to ride the high waves. But that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for beginners! Taghazout has plenty of mellow waves that serve as the ideal surfing spot for beginners.

10. Weligama, Srilanka

The good news is, Srilanka is an affordable destination you can easily visit to improve your surfing skills and enjoy a vacation. Weligama is known for its long waves that can be easily handled by any newbie. With slow waves and the right atmosphere, Weligama is just the best place for beginners to learn surfing. Although November to April is the prime surfing season, you can venture out in September, October or May to dodge the crowds.

These surfing destinations have been declared just right for beginners. Now, you can venture out to perfect your surfing skills and enjoy the stunning beach alongside!

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