Cutest Animals You Never Knew Existed

We all love our dogs and cats.

We try to capture every little instance of their cuteness to post later on our social media to enjoy. But did you know that there are many adorable animals running in the wild as well?

There are some rare animals that, people find cute and adorable despite them being wild animals that can’t be domesticated. Whether it is the size, expression, or personality, here are the top 10 cutest animals that you never knew existed.

1. Tarsier

The animal that you all might have seen but not have known what is called – Tarsier is that wide-eyed primate that usually has big, bright-colored eyes and is shown holding onto a tree stem. The species are native to Southeast Asia and primarily found in forested lands on vertical climbing trees. People tend to find them so cute because they are ever so tiny with big bright eyes and a quirky-looking face.

2. Elephant Shrew

Also known as jumping shrews or sengis, the elephant shrew gets its name from its facial feature that makes it look like a tiny elephant. They have long noses and trunks even though they are from the shrew family, and so they are generally seen as really cute creatures. Factually, many scientists have researched to have found shrews related to elephants. Hence, there is no shock that an elephant shrew exists, and now you know about it.

3. Patagonian Mara

A relatively large rodent, a Patagonian Mara, is like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. They are native to Patagonia and Argentina hence the name and are considered cute because they look like a rabbit kangaroo. They are small and sit on their hind legs, making them look like they will jump like a hare, making them appear adorable. They usually breed in warmer climates like their rodent counterparts.

4. Capybara

A capybara is one of the known names on this list, thanks to adorable depictions in popular cartoon series. Capybaras are generally very hairy and have a long thick coat of hair flowing over them. They are the largest living known rodent alive today and are considered close relatives to guinea pigs.  That’s why they have elongated stubbed faces, making them look like cute, hairy guinea pigs that you can hug back.

5. Dik-dik

Dik-dik is the name given to one of the four small antelope species found in the bushlands of Southern and Eastern Africa. Because they stand about 30 to 40 centimeters tall, dik-diks appear like tiny deers with big, beady eyes. Their innocent expression makes them look so adorable that you might want to pet one, but they are wild animals after all. However, they get their strange name from the alarm calls made by the female dik-diks to warn against predators.

6. Margay

Margay is a small wild cat native to South America. It is mainly found in evergreen, deciduous forests alone by themselves as they are solitary animals by nature. Their unique pattern makes them look like tiny leopard cubs. As they stand on their hind legs with two front paws in the air, Margays look like a leopard-print house cat – making them extremely adorable and cute. Margays are nocturnal cats, and their population is decreasing due to deforestation.

7. Malayan Flying Lemur

Also known as the Sunda flying lemur or colugo, this flying lemur is native to the Philippines. However, breeding and travel among nearby countries can now be found throughout the Southeast Asian platitudes ranging from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, and Singapore. Even though neither the animal is technically a lemur nor it can fly, it leaps around on trees, going from branch to branch. Its small size makes it the tiny cute one.

8. Japanese Weasel

As suggested by the name, these Japanese weasels are found in Japan and are considered closely related to their taxonomic counterparts. They are technically from the rodent family and have foxy noses and ears, making them look like a cross between a fox and a squirrel. Their bushy tail is one of their signature features, and they are usually found high above in the trees all throughout the summer and spring season. During winter, they tend to hibernate.

9. Klipspringer

Another antelope on our list, Klipspringers, are small, cute little deers found spread all over the South African region. They have two sharp horns, which they use to defend against a predator when they rest during the day or late at night. They are typically nocturnal, so that’s why they require a distinct protection feature like their horns. Otherwise, small and dainty klipspringers are currently considered the least concern due to strong efforts to save the kind.

10. Quokka

The happiest animals on the internet today, quokkas, are so cute and adorable, with a joyous expression on their face that makes them look like they are happy squirrels. They are actually a short-tail scrub wallaby and mainly nocturnal. Native to Australia, the animal has gone viral on the internet because of how cute it looks.

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