Do Horses Like It When You Ride Them?

If you’ve been riding horses for a while now, at times, you might have wondered if they really like being ridden.

Usually, horses happily work alongside humans, giving positive gestures when being ridden.

However, some horses run away as soon as they see a halter in the rider’s hand.

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Many horses tend to be compliant while saddling and catching, but if they wring their tails or pin their ears when being ridden, it means they are agitated.

Things to be considered when horse riding

Most horses do like being ridden, and that is because they understand that it makes the rider happy. Having said that, TV shows and movies have always shown us that if a horse doesn’t want to be ridden, nothing in the world can make it do so. However, there are a few essential things that need to be considered when riding a horse.

1. Using the right saddle

Make sure that the saddle you use fits your horse correctly and does not cause any discomfort. If it is ill-fitted, it can be quite painful for your horse.

2. The right type and size of bit

The right size and type of bit for your horse can make a lot of difference? A harsh bit can hurt your horse and make him pull against it, which would mean that it would be harder to control it.

3. Making sure the riding position is right

If you’re sitting in the saddle correctly and don’t bounce too much, your horse will be comfortable, making it a pleasant ride. However, sitting in the wrong manner can put a lot of pressure on your horse’s back.

4. Being gentle is the key

Whenever you are riding your horse, make sure you are gentle with your commands. Don’t yank the reins harshly. Remember, that they’re indirectly connected to the horse’s mouth.

5. Pushing the horse too much is not a good idea

It is not wise to push your horse beyond its limits initially. When preparing for an endurance ride, it is crucial to understand that it will not be possible for you or your horse to cover the entire distance immediately. Remember, you both need to build your stamina first.

6. The size of the rider matters

If you’ve been a fan of horse riding since childhood, you must have noticed that horse jockeys are not too big in size. Well, the simple reason is that the size of the rider matters. If you think that you can ride any horse, you might be mistaken. If you are too tall or a little on the heavier side and the horse is smaller in size, it will feel discomfort during the ride. Ensure that the size of the horse matches your built.

Why do horses let you ride them?

Remember that before human beings adapted horses to suit their needs, they used to run free and wild. So you need to ensure that you treat it like a friend, with love and care. As a horse owner, you need to understand why a horse lets you ride them. Like other animals, they want to be taken care of, i.e., be fed and feel safe. If you are providing these things, they will let you ride them happily.

If you see these signs, your horse likes to be ridden

It is vital to develop a great relationship with your horse. Here are some signs that indicate your horse actually likes to be ridden.

  • When they have a relaxed facial expression
  • If their ears are not pinned back and are perked up, it means they are happy
  • When your horse fully responds to your commands
  • If your horse calmly stands when being saddled and bridled.

When do horses act up

When you first get on a horse, and it acts up, it is more commonly known as cold back. The most common reasons for horses to act up when ridden include:

  • If your horse is in pain.
  • If your well-behaved horse is acting up when being ridden, looking for signs of distress.
  • The fear of the unknown also is one of the reaons why horses act up.

It is important  to understand the situations that make the riding more or less enjoyable for the horses. If you want your horse to be comfortable while you’re riding it, making it a pleasant experience, you need to be vigilant. Observe their actions and make the necessary changes; it will make all the difference.

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