Do Foxes Make Good Pets?

The the recent past, the idea of having exotic pets such as foxes has become quite popular.

The influence of social media is one of the main reasons behind this trend.

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Usually, people put up pictures with their fox pets, showering them with love. Of course, the whole thing is pretty cute and makes you want to get a snuggly fox for yourself too. If you want a pet fox, it is crucial to understand whether foxes make good pets or not. You just can’t blindly follow what you see on social media.

Can I keep a fox at home?

Cute and sly, a fox tends to act more like a cat, even though they belong to the canine family. Similar to cats, foxes can also climb trees with ease. In fact, most foxes are not domesticated (they are wild animals), and it might be risky to keep one at home.

The pet foxes you see on social media are usually socialized and house-trained since birth. But in reality, they don’t make for great pets. Moreover, in many states, it is illegal to have a pet fox. In countries where it is legal, only certain species can be kept at home. The primary reason is their inherently dangerous behavior, as all fox species are considered wild.

Different types of domesticated foxes

The two different kinds of domesticated foxes include Fennec foxes and Red foxes. A Fennec fox is small in size. They are adorable as well as communicative, which is why fox owners prefer keeping them as pets. On the other hand, Red foxes are reserved, and there are slight chances of becoming housepets. Other larger fox species need a lot more time as well as outdoor space. Therefore they are not suitable as pets and it is challenging to keep them inside your home.

The pros and cons of having a pet fox

Before you decide to own a pet fox, there are a few pros and cons to keep in mind. Read on to find out more.


  1. Foxes are very playful and entertaining by nature; hence they have high-energy levels.
  2. They are beautiful animals, especially the red species that come in various color morphs.
  3. If you put in a lot of effort, foxes can be partially litter-pan trained.


1. They have a lot of energy

They are extremely hyper, and because of their high energy levels, they need plenty of space to run, dig, play and forage. In fact, very few people have been successful in keeping foxes indoors.

2. They mark their territory

What can annoy you the most as a fox owner is that they mark their territory by defecating and urinating frequently. They have an inherent urge to do so, which is hard to train. In fact, foxes will tear things up in order to find the perfect spot to mark their territory. Even if they are trained to use an indoor litter box, they will still urinate and defecate all over the house.

3. Foxes can be extremely loud

They are incredibly loud and tend to scream like humans during mating season and make piercing shrieks that can be quite uncomfortable.

4. They are quite destructive

If their energies are not released properly, they can be pretty destructive. Foxes will chew through your couch as well as dig your carpet. Moreover, they might bite you if they feel like it.

5. Foxes are smelly

Fox urine smells much worse than cat or dog urine. Because they have a habit of marking their territory quite often, owning a pet fox will mean that your home will have a pungent smell. Many say that fox urine is somewhat like a skunk’s spray. If your pet fox urinates on the carpet or furniture, it will be next to impossible to wash it out.

Though owning a fox can be risky, if you think you can invest your time and energies taking care of them, then go ahead and purchase one. Make sure to confirm whether your state allows you to keep a pet fox. Remember, if you are unable to train or handle your pet fox, you might be in trouble. They require a lot of space, so if you’re thinking of getting a pet fox, an outdoor enclosure is a must. Don’t forget to conduct thorough research before buying an exotic pet fox.

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