Is it Illegal to Own a Wolf?

There are people who might find it scary to own a wolf.

Some get intrigued by the idea of having a wolf as a pet because of their genuine love for them.

However, one can’t ignore that they are wild animals with a wild spirit. Though welcoming wolves into your house might sound exciting, you have to consider a lot of things before you go ahead and invest in the exotic pet.

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The first thing to understand is the fact that you cannot treat or train a wolf in the same manner as dogs. Moreover, it is imperative to know whether it is legal to own a wolf in the state you live in.

Wolf behavior vs. dog behavior

Dogs and wolves might have genetic and physical similarities, but that in no way means that their behaviors and personalities are similar too. The relationship between dogs and human beings goes way back. Dogs are bred and trained to assist us and also easily adapt to our lifestyles.

On the flip side wolves are wild animals that fend for themselves. In fact, a wolf never forgets its instinctual behavior even if they are raised at home from a young age. A wolf is impossible to train as it does not care to please its owner. When adult, a wolf can become unpredictable and might be dangerous to keep around the house, especially if you have young kids and other pets. Even after knowing these facts, some people, out of their love for wolves, tend to purchase a wolf or even opt for a wolf dog.

As pups, wolves can be playful and happy just like dogs, but they can turn into predators as they grow older. They can even be pack-oriented and territorial. Such traits found in wolves don’t make for ideal pets. Due to their aggressive behavior, wolves destroy furniture and other stuff around the house as well as terrorize other small pets and children.

Understanding the law

We know for a fact that owning a fox is legal in very few states. So the question arises, is keeping a pet wolf legal? Due to their unpredictable nature and wild behavior, having pets such as a wolf or wolf dog is considered illegal in many places. Before you take any such step, you are advised to aware yourself of the law.

Make sure you research thoroughly about your state, region, or country’s laws and understand whether the legal ownership of a wolf is allowed or not. The reason why it’s illegal to own a pure wolf in many states is because they’re classified as endangered species. There are a few states that have banned private ownership entirely. Moreover, some states have even put a ban on owning specific exotic animals.

Ways your wolf pet could suffer

What many people who want to keep a pet wolf or wolf dog around the house don’t understand how challenging and overwhelming taking care of such an exotic pet could be. They are usually underprepared for the trials that come with it. Wolves also require timely vaccinations and proper exercise. A wolf’s prey drive is pretty strong; hence you can’t ever have them off-leash; it is illegal.

Even if you opt for a wolf dog, thinking that you have the best of both worlds – the looks of a wolf and the personality of a loyal and loving dog – you might be mistaken. A mix of domesticated and wild animals, wolf dogs, will usually have more inherent genes and traits of a wolf rather than a dog’s characteristics. So there are more chances of you inviting a wild, exotic animal into your home that can cause harm, and you wouldn’t want that.

Because a wolf is a beautiful animal, people are naturally drawn towards them and have the urge to own such an exotic pet. However, after going through this article, we are sure that you understand why it is not a good idea to have a pet wolf. It is essential to consider the fact that various wolf species are endangered, and keeping a wolf or a wolf dog as pets doesn’t make sense. Remember that a dog will obey your commands and do what you want it to do. On the other hand, a wolf will do what it wants to do due to its free and wild-spirited nature. Hence, in many parts of the world, it is illegal to own exotic pets.

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