Why Do Dogs Hate Cats?

We have seen it in TV shows and movies that dogs hate cats.

We have literally grown up exposed to the idea that cats and dogs don’t get along in the form of cartoons and movies.

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But quite often, we come across videos in which dogs and cats seem to get along just fine. They are either seen playing or sitting calmly beside each other, and boy, do they look adorable together! However, these videos often leave us wondering “But wait! Don’t dogs and cats hate each other?”

Cats and dogs have different traits

Canines and felines have different behaviors, which is the reason behind the conflicts between cats and dogs. They are not natural enemies; however, their behavioral differences set them at odds. Dogs being descendants of wolves, have hunting instincts. They love chasing anything that moves, and when they see a fast-moving feline, it triggers this natural instinct. Usually, cats run away at the sight of a dog and this is why their relationship deteriorates. What sets them apart is that dogs trust human beings easily, while cats take much more time to do so. However, you can’t deny that the competition to seek your attention is also one reason why they don’t seem to like each other.

Here are some facts that will help you understand their traits better.

Characteristics of a cat

  • Cats are solitary creatures and have a strong prey drive, just like their ancestors.
  • When scared, they run away.
  • A cat’s swishing tail signals irritation. Cats whip their tails when aggressive.
  • When cat are content or are trying to pacify someone, they purr. Pet cats also meow when trying to communicate with their human companions.
  • Cats are typically aloof and get startled easily.

Characteristics of a dog

  • A dog’s wagging tail typically indicates playfulness. They wag their tails when excited.
  • They love to run; it is their fun way to play.
  • Dogs are usually territorial and gregarious.
  • When a dog growls, it is interpreted as threatening and aggressive.
  • They mostly bark loudly in hostile situations or when they feel anxious, threatened, and bored.

Ways to help cats and dogs to get along

People who are animal lovers usually have both cats and dogs as pets. When dogs and cats are brought up together in an encouraging and loving environment, they get along with each other easily. Remember, the way they are trained can make a lot of difference. That is why many dogs and cats learn to live in harmony and develop friendships over time, regardless of their differences.

Find out how you can help them get along with each other.

Raising a cat and dog together

Bringing them together at a young age and training them is way better than introducing them if one of them is an adult. Puppies are less confident and can be trained quickly to live peacefully with cats. Make sure to keep an eye on both of them.

Training your dog is key

If you want your dog to get along with a cat, teaching it to control its instincts is essential. Train it enough so that it stays put and doesn’t scare your cat away. Most pet owners tend to forget that a dog’s energy must be released elsewhere so that their brains can slow down a bit. This way they will more likely control themselves around cats.

Let your cat and dog sniff

It is a great idea to allow your dog and cat to smell each other’s toys and bedding, especially if they haven’t been introduced face-to-face. The sniffing will enable them to satisfy their inquisitiveness, preventing fights later on.

Separate their food and toys

Make sure you keep their food bowls separate. One of the apparent reasons why a cat and dog fight is because they compete over food. Your cat might walk up to your dog when is eating, which is not a good idea. To avoid such disasters, schedule fixed mealtimes. Don’t forget to place their bowls in different areas of the house. Same goes for the toys as well, keep them separated as well.

Giving a cat its territory can help

Felines need a space of their own. Ensure that your dog doesn’t invade your cat’s territory. Also, keep your dog away from the cat’s litter box, it can make them insecure. One way to give a cat its territory is to place its bed somewhere higher in the house.

Both cats and dogs have behavioral differences, but with proper training as well as socialization, the felines and canines can certainly live in harmony. A little help and care from you can go a long way. You have to ensure that your dog’s friendly and playful nature doesn’t scare your cat away; the rest will work out just fine.

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