6 Epic Places to Visit in Turkey

Cobblestone streets, scrumptious food, and stunning architecture, Turkey has it all.

Its unique geographical location has given this country an irreplaceable personality.

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Here, you will find an intricate blend of Asian and European cultures as well. A perfect vacation spot, Turkey, has a lot to offer to all types of tourists. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-filled holiday or a calm relaxing break from work, Turkey is the ideal place for you.

In this article, let’s have a look at some of the epic places that you must visit in Turkey.

Places to Visit in Turkey

1.   Princes’ Island

The Princes Islands are a chain of nine small islands in the Marmara Sea. The islands are easily accessible from Istanbul – all you have to do is to hop on a ferry from the Kabatas station and get off on the last stop. Buyukada is the largest island and the most popular among tourists. The most memorable thing about the island is its silence. Yes, you read it right!

The island has horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and electric motorbikes that give the place a distinctive character. Close to the touristy spots – that have restaurants lined on them – you can hear the usual sounds of tourist chatter but beyond that the island is wrapped under a thick layer of calmness and peace. For city mice, the island will be a perfect place to unwind and relax.

2.   Butterfly Valley

Turkey is not short of picturesque locations that will make you fall for them instantly. The Butterfly Valley is one such place. One of the best beaches in the country – and inarguably the world – the Butterfly Valley offers pearly-white beachfront to its visitors.

It is in the Fethiye district, delicately resting on the Mediterranean coast; and is home to diverse butterfly species – hence the name. The beach is the opposite of what you might have seen at other beaches in the country and offers pop-up tents, self-service food shacks, and wooden huts. Don’t miss out on visiting this spectacular place!

3.   Konya – Whirling Dervishes

Turkey, to a great extent, is synonymous with Sufism. One of the world’s most revered mystic philosophers, Jalaluddin Rumi, died in Konya – a city in Turkey. Every year, the city celebrates the Rumi festival to commemorate the life of the great philosopher. The night of Rumi’s death is celebrated as his wedding night – when he had union with God.

The festival is a spiritual experience that is unforgettable. Besides this, the city also has weekly whirling dervishes show where actual dervishes whirl. It is an out-of-the-world experience and something that you shouldn’t miss.

4.   Thermal Hot Springs in Pamukkale

One of the most epic places that you can visit in the country is the thermal hot springs in Pamukkale. The terrace pools filled with milky mineral water are also a visual treat. These highly Instagrammable spots are located around 30 minutes away from Denizli – the trip from Istanbul to Denizli takes about 12 hours. After soaking in the water, you can head on to explore the ancient ruins of Hierapolis.

5.   Cappadocia

If there was one city to which we can return every year, it would be Cappadocia. This magical city in Turkey is spellbindingly beautiful and a wonder on earth. The city has unique rock formations and cave hotels that will make your stay worth it.

The most memorable thing that you can do in the city is to go on a hot air balloon ride in the morning and enjoy the sunrise while floating above the magical city. You should also spend a night in a cave hotel to have a more thrilling experience.

6.   Galata Tower in Istanbul

For people who like the hustle and bustle of a city, Istanbul is a dream destination. This sophisticated city has a thriving nightlife and equally busy day tours. It has plenty of places where you can go to relax.One of the places that grab tourists’ attention in the Galata Tower that stands calmly in the Karakoy neighborhood. The place looks like a page out of a Disney storybook. When in Istanbul, do visit this dazzling tower.

Would you have imagined that a country can have so many tourist spots? Well, Turkey surprises all its visitors. A trip to this beautiful and culture-rich country is worth every penny. For your next summer vacation, Turkey can be a great contender. For an unforgettable experience, visit the places mentioned in the list and make your trip memorable.

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