Girly Life is a Girl’s Best Friend

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the series of new tab Chrome extensions specialized for girls.

Women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and all the representatives of the XX chromosomes combination – Girly Life.

We are introducing eleven (the Fashion’s eleven) absolutely gorgeous new tab Chrome extensions for females or anybody who feels like beauty will save the world. From now on your internet browser should be trending with your fashion and style. Let’s impress even with the screen of your computer. Small details matter. Any girl would agree!

It is so easy to fall in love and keep singing “Love is in the air” while seeing the world through some pink glasses. A blank page on the computer screen is so boring. Girly Life Love new tab is here to make your feeling even deeper, so when you open a new tab it feels like “Oh! Mon amour!”, “Oh! I’m in love”, “Oh! La-la”. Just looking at cute and romantic pictures makes your day better. You’ll never stop being a dreamer.
Love wallpaper
Girly Patterns could be just good patterns. We always do the right things. We always need to be trendy or unique. We have to express ourselves through various ways. Although talking is our favorite activity, displaying the home browser in a girly abstract way would be another way to go.

Floral, hearts, cute animals, unicorns, kittens, high heels shoes, butterflies, pineapples, lips, bikes, Paris, and flamingos’ patterns are just some of the brilliant patterns available to beautify every new tab you open.Girls Patterns Bikes
Some cannot live without air, food, sleep, love, hugs, chocolate, coffee but for some of us the essential in life is that all enumerated earlier have to be colored in pink. Pink is a life theory, a lifestyle, it is life.

The Pink new tab will correct the huge mistake of making the new tab pages white. Pink Lovers, change your home browser into the finest color of all times!Pink wallpaper
Hair, makeup, and nail design are part of our daily grooming routines. How difficult is to find inspiration for your prom night makeup or your wedding hairstyle?! It’s almost unacceptable to have the same manicure every week. Girly Life is a true idea generator for every single one of us. It will find a style that will suit your fashion, that will inspire and incentivize you to be creative.

Girly Life is a powerful tool for all the hairstylists, makeup, and nail design professionals to display their art and get creative. Find your passion and be truly loyal to it.Hair styleNail Designs Caviar wallpaper
There are never enough clothes and shoes to wear, even though the wardrobe is pretty full. The solution is being inspired and creative. Design new styles, mix different clothes, have taste and a sense of colors. Fashion, Essentials and Fashion Shoes new tabs come pretty handy, particularly for those who cannot live without shopping. These new tab Chrome extensions are the new shoppo-therapy.

All you need is new shoes…in every new tab. Essentials for girlsFashion wallpaper

red high heel shoes
Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion. Classical Dance new tab is great because of the talented and amazing dancers. You should have this extension on your screen to feel your feet growing wings and wanting to dance like no one is watching.
Ballet dancer
The last Girly Life new tab but not the least represents the feeling of “It was the best day of my life!”. The wedding is a controversial topic for some people but always remains the most remarkable time of a couple in love. The Wedding Chrome new tab generates ideas for the future brides, who are in charge of the Big event organization or brings memories. Upload some of your wedding photos and your face will glow with happiness with every new wallpaper

Oh, girls! Girly Life is the oasis in this manly world. Let’s get Pink!

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