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Top Ten Cheapest Tropical Beach Destinations

From hundreds of beaches out there how exactly does one choose from for the best tropical beach holiday visit? There are the Caribbean’s, the Bahamas, Brazilian beaches and then the dreamy Greek beaches.

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If there’s anything that could put the Caribbean Beaches in the spotlight for the holiday destination, apart from its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, there’s also the fandom of Jack Sparrow.

The mischievous charms and willful trickery, perhaps the source of attraction is the paradoxical characteristics of this Pirate of the Caribbean’s hero that may have added the Caribbean Beaches on the checklist of ones’ dream vacation destination.

The question is if you are on a strict budget here, are there any budget-friendly spots in the Caribbean? Well, yes for one as there are many parts in the islands to the Caribbean that are cheaper to visit because during the offseason many go “off peak”. Many islands are cheaper comparatively anyways due to the increasing competition among the islands, many offer very low prices, from cheaper flights to low price hotel stays etc.

Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Throughout the year, although the tourism in the Dominican Republic stays quite steady but still in order to keep the tourism swarming in, they have the best visit deals. Deals with packages include of resorts to flights. Punta Cana resort and spa has just about every water-based activity like kayaking, surfing and other relaxing things to look for like pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants and some pretty dandy nightlife venues.

punta cana

Puerto Plata– Dominican Republic

Stretched across the Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Plata island, with its caramel-colored beaches is among the country’s best. Just like Punta Cana, it has packages inclusive of flights and accommodation and much to expect from.

PUERTO PLATA dominican republic

Samana – Dominican Republic

Samana is a very nice mix of some posh and expensive to affordable and simple hotels and resorts near the beaches. The island is expanding at a speedy pace with a new airport coming up. Bear in mind, this is the whale-watching capital of the Dominican Republic.

samana dominican republic

La Romana – Dominican Republic

This is often included in the same market as the Punta Cana too, as this is also exclusively a package resort area. Consisting of inexpensive hotels, a 16th century Mediterranean re-created village called the Altos de Chavón, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and also the wrecked ship of the pirate William Kidd, for the amusement of pirate lovers.



Known for its lush green tropical gardens and activities like diving and rainforest hikes, the Grenada island is where tourism board has launched a summer campaign that offers some amazing deals like 50 percent discount and child discounts and more. #nextstopgrenada



Dutch Caribbean Island in the southern Caribbean is a very colorful island known for its European architecture and is very budget friendly. Thriving dining scenes in the downtown and it’s amazingly well preserved historical buildings make the vacation worth the while.



The Guadeloupe island, still an officially very French insular region that caters very well to budget and mid-range Europeans where traveling from Paris is unusually cheaper than from travelling from New York. A very good valued dream vacation destination.

Guadeloupe island

Varadero – Cuba

This popular beach resort town covering Cuba’s Hicacos Peninsula is popular for its dolphin show, parks for swimming, boating and the popular Cave, Cueva de Ambvrosio.

varadero cuba

Negril – Jamaica

The beautiful island with its’ west-facing beach has plenty of reasonable to cheap hotels, from 3 stars to 2 stars. Very popular with Americans, British’s, Germans, Canadians, Spanish etc.


Cancun – Mexico

According to the Airlines Reporting Corp (ARC), this year’s number one destination has been Cancun for the American travelers. With ocean view suites and reasonable beverage stations, spa, resorts, pools and of course the low round-trip airfare making it a tropical beach vacation destination.

cancun mexico

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