How Does The Moon Influence Your Zodiac Sign?

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Do you believe in astrology?

A deeper dive into zodiac signs reveals that the phases of the moon throughout the year can actually affect your mood.

Many people actually purport that lunar phenomena can alter our behavior. If you’ve lately been feeling under the weather, maybe this quick read will tell you who’s to blame…

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Here is what the zodiac signs can expect as the moon changes its shape.


As we experience a full moon, the Aries star sign becomes more grateful. After all the hard work, this lunar event brings about the gratitude and recognition they deserve. The new moon brings about a much-needed change in the life of Aries. They find it easier to let go of something they had been holding on to for too long. Well, that’s good news on both ends!


The lucky zodiac sign is likely to find a true and passionate love story with the start of the full moon. There is even success in the financial realm with this lunar event. The new moon brings about an increased need for reflection. A Taurus may retreat and spend this time reflecting on their home and state of work.


The full moon is known to be a kind of awakening for the Gemini. There may be lots of social activity and provide solace and confidence to the twins who often find it hard to remain self-assured. The new moon paves the way for new ideas!


The full moon does not let Cancers down! This is a learning opportunity for this emotional zodiac sign, one that opens opportunities for clarity and boosts self-confidence. The new moon allows the Cancer to mull upon themselves and bring about a positive change in their life.


Leos will tend to feel their creative juices following with the onset of the full moon. New ideas keep coming to you, so this is the ideal time to put your brain to good use. The new moon is all about new opportunities-both in your love life and in your career.


Virgos will experience an energy boost during the full moon period. Their energy is contagious during this time! They might feel more organized and committed to their priorities. The new moon ushers a period of positive life changes.


Although the Libra usually takes one day at a time, the full moon brings about a clearer vision for the future. This star is able to really feel its balanced self during this time. The new moon allows them to make plans for the future and cultivate new relationships.


The Scorpio is often labeled as standoffish, but the full moon allows them to shed their icy exterior and let their emotions out. This might be a breakthrough in their personal relationships. The new moon is a period of psychological healing and allows the scorpion to reflect on their behavior and patterns.


The already optimistic archer gets another wave of positivity with the full moon. The nights of a full moon will encourage the adventurous star to pursue their dreams, even more so than usual! Their positive mood will tend to attract others and make room for exciting flirtations and flings. The new moon is a period of mental stimulation, breaking the cycle of monotony that this flighty star hates.


The nights of the full moon are likely to work in the Capricorn’s favor and present them with new opportunities. The next one could be your lucky night! The new moon makes the Capricorn feel motivated to achieve their goals and eliminate wasted energy.


The full moon allows the Aquarius to turn over a new leaf. This is the time to begin a new project. The new moon brings about a surge of positivity for the Aquarius, allowing them to break old habits and adopt new, more productive ones.


The Pisces may feel too emotionally sensitive during the full moon. People close to them should adopt kindness towards this star during this time. The new moon brings an opportunity to create healthy alliances with people.

What is your star? Do you feel the changes in the moon affect your mood? Do let us know in the comments below!

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