Ice Cream Flavors You Didn’t Know About

Ice cream makes everything better.

Whether you’re dealing with the stress of exams or just had a break-up, ice cream is always there for you.

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Ice cream is available in a never-ending variety of flavors; chocolate, mango, vanilla, strawberry, Bounty, Snickers, and the list goes on. But let’s face it – all these flavors have been around since forever, and we’re all kind of done with them! Our taste buds demand something new. However, what could possibly be new with ice cream?

We’re here with a list of ice cream flavors that you didn’t know existed. You read that right. There are so many ice cream flavors that you might not know about. These new, lesser-known flavors are sure to challenge your taste buds.

1. Lobster

Who knew that a serving of lobster moved way beyond the main course? Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium serves lobster-flavored ice cream. However, there’s something you should know about this flavor. It is actually butter-flavored ice cream with chunks of lobster meat. Still, that shouldn’t put you off this flavor. If you love lobsters, it’s about time you try this lobster-laced dessert.

2. Squid Ink

Squid Ink-flavored ice cream has a mild flavor and a bold color. It could be gray or black and is a very popular ice cream flavor in Japan. Squid ink has become quite common in food and cocktails in the US, and it might not be too long before you see squid ink desserts too!

3. Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a typical snack that people all around the world love. Corn on the cob is an essential summer snack, but thanks to Max & Mina’s in New York, you can now enjoy a special summer treat – sweet corn-flavored ice cream! Can you feel the flavor of sweet corn melting in your mouth already?

4. Potato Chips and Cap’N Crunch

If you’re looking for something that can satisfy your craving for some sweet, salty, and cereal-related, Beenie’s Ice Cream in New Jersey is where you should head. Their Midnight Snack is an ice cream flavor that is a combination of vanilla ice cream, Cap’n Crunch, and chocolate-covered potato chips! You can now enjoy the creaminess of ice cream with a crunch of potato chips and cereal all at the same time!

5. Mushroom

You’ve probably had mushrooms in soups, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and numerous other foods, but have you ever had mushroom-flavored ice cream? Coolhaus in California serves Candy Cap Mushroom ice cream, which uses a combination of flavors –vanilla, maple, and mushroom to give a strong, foresty taste!

6. Carrot Ginger

Carrot and ginger-flavored ice cream feels more like eating a creamy smoothie. Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver serves ice cream made from fresh carrot juice and grated ginger that adds that little zing! If you’re high on organic eating, this carrot and ginger ice cream will definitely impress you and tickle your taste buds!

7. Garlic

Till now, you might have thought that the use of garlic was limited to food and drinks. However, could you have ever imagined a garlic-flavored ice cream?  At The Stinking Rose, a restaurant based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, you can have Gilroy garlic ice cream with caramel mole sauce topping on your meal. Unusual? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely.

8. Cheddar Cheese

Apple pie with cheddar cheese and ice cream is quite the combo. The pastry chef working at Wednesday’s Pie in Denver took this combo to an all-new level. The chef incorporated cheddar cheese ice cream into the pie! Ice cream loaded with powdered cheddar cheese forms a bright orange-colored dessert that has been a huge hit ever since it was first introduced.

9. Goat Cheese-Cashew Caramel

Goat cheese-cashew caramel ice cream is a popular constant on the menu of Black Dog Gelato in Chicago. The goat cheese gives the ice cream a flavor that is a lot similar to a cheesecake, and the cashew caramel adds a sweet-savory pinch to the creaminess of the cheese! No doubt, this combination is a huge hit!

10. Coconut Lime Jalapeno

Coppa, situated in Juneau, Alaska, is famous for preparing innovative food combinations. They experiment with their homemade ice creams and come up with new flavors every now and then. Among the many experimental flavors, the ‘sweet-meets-sour-with-kick’ coconut ice cream with jalapeno flavor has managed to attract a large fan base!

Closing Word

We never knew the world of ice cream could be so large that we’d end up getting lost. With so many flavors of ice cream that we never knew existed, what’s left to discover?

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