The Benefits of Sweets and Ways to Enjoy Them on a Diet

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How to enjoy sweets on a diet? Ever heard of the term “sweet-hater”? Not really, right?

It is hard to not fall in love with candies, puddings, and ice-cream.

While sweets are loved for their scrumptious flavors, they are notorious for being unhealthy. But here’s the truth – sweets do offer health benefits as well. What benefits, you may wonder? Well let’s find out.

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Benefits of Eating Sweets

1. Provides an Immediate Burst of Energy

What do you do on days when you feel low? When you don’t have the energy to perform your daily chores? In times like these, we usually go for a cup of strong coffee or tea. But did you know that sweets can be your go-to choice when feeling down? Yes, you read that right!

Fresh donuts and coffee close up on wood deskGlucose happens to be the body’s main source of fuel which comes from the breakdown of sugar. Sucrose – common table sugar – consists of fructose and glucose. The body breaks down these molecules and the glucose is transferred to cells and is changed into energy.

Without glucose, we won’t have the stamina to perform daily activities. So, on days when you want to boost your energy, look no further than a delicious cupcake or a chocolate bar!

2. Helps Store Energy for Later Time

The sugar you get from sweets can be utilized beyond the sudden boost of energy. Your body doesn’t employ energy all in one go. It utilizes in small quantities. For instance, once your body has used up a certain portion of energy, the rest of it will be stored in your body. This process is called glycogenesis. The commendable aspect of this process is that it allows your body to function for an extended period of time without eating.

french macaroons sweetsHowever, consumers need to be careful about their sweet intake. If your consumption exceeds the limit with portions of glucose getting stored one after another, it can be harmful to your health. The stored glucose can convert into bad fat – a disadvantage of eating too much sweet.

3. Elevate Your Mood Instantly

It comes as no surprise that sweets make us happier. This is one of the many reasons why everyone loves sweets like cupcakes, candies, chocolates, etc. What really happens is that when you consume a form of sweet, it activates the pleasure-seeking part of your brain and increases your dopamine level – mood-enhancing feature. In this way, the consumer instantly feels better on the inside and out.

Strawberry yogurt ice cream popsicles with mint over steel tray background. Top viewBut again, you will have to be watchful of your sweet intake as too much of its consumption can cause an opposite effect. If you find it irresistible towards your sweet-eating habit, you will need to find tricks to increase your willpower.

4. Naturally Sweetened Sweets Come With Added Benefits

Did you know that natural sweet chocolates can enhance your thinking ability? Chocolate bars or candies are a source of natural sugar which provides nutrients like antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.

Current researchers have concluded that cocoa flavanols possess the ability to improve a consumer’s cognitive functions despite a person’s cognitive disability. That being said, researchers aren’t able to pin down the exact reason for the cause of better thinking skills.

chocolate barsHowever, they have come to the conclusion that cocoa flavanols prevent damage to brain cells. To make the most of this cognitive boost, consider eating dark chocolate candies more as they contain an increased level of cocoa flavanols.

Don’t be disheartened if you are on a diet. There are plenty of ways you can still have sweets without ruining your body shape or gaining an extra pound or two.

1. Go for All-Natural Sweets

To enjoy sweet flavors, you don’t necessarily have to rely on candies. You can go for fruits and vegetables that have a high amount of natural sweeteners.

greek yogurt

For instance, you can opt for an orange smoothie or a banana shake. You can also go for non-fat Greek yogurt with fruity flavors.

2. Limit the Variety of Sweets

The more sweets you bring to your house, the more you want to eat them. This is why it is advised to cut down on the number of sweets you buy.

cupcakesFor example, it is not necessary to stock up on all kinds of sweets from toffees to cookies to ice creams to chocolates. Just pick one or two of them and you are good to go.

3. Make Your Own Healthy Sweets

Instead of getting sweets from stores as they may contain some unknown, unhealthy ingredient, it is better to make your own healthy cake or cupcake.

The recipes that have fat should be replaced with applesauce or canola oil. Mix in nutritious ingredients like nuts and dried fruits. Did you know that white flour contains 400 g of calories? A better alternative, in this case, is to add in whole-grain pastry flour.

dark chocolateThis goes to say that when you make sweet treats yourself, you can cut down as many calories or fats as you want. You can modify the recipe according to your diet plan and enjoy sweets just like others.

4. Have Single-Serve Portions for Your Desserts

Always get ice cream, chips, and cookies in a single-serve portion no matter how tempting they are. This will keep your sweet-intake to a limit, decreasing your chances of weight gain.

sweet pie appleThis article proves that eating sweets is not always bad. If you are a health conscious, you can still enjoy yummy flavors of desserts as long as you follow the pieces of advice mentioned in this article.

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