Best Guide to Crystals and Healing

Learn about the crystals that can help you change your energy towards a more positive force. 

Which Crystals Have The Most Healing Power And What Are They?

Healing crystals are growing in popularity nowadays but they have actually been around for a really long time. Since ancient times, crystals were used as tools for healing since they contain many minerals that can help us. The energy of these crystals can help us gain insight into our daily activities.

Here are some crystals that can help you change your energy towards a more positive force and create healing.aura

1. The Master: Selenite

Selenite crystal

Selenite is known as the master crystal since it doesn’t need to be charged. Rather, it can help to recharge and cleanse other crystals. It is a very common crystal found in South America in evaporated seas and salt lakes. Selenite is the perfect conduit to infinite high levels of consciousness. It brings higher powers from the universe, intuition, and spirit guides, which can help you connect with the spirit of the world. It can bring you inner peace and healing.

2. The Stabilizer: Moonstone

Moonstone crystal

The moonstone presents a harmony and improves your natural intuition. It has always been revered as a regal and sacred stone since it was used by the Gods of Ancient India. It helps to open the window to other worlds and the universe. It also helps us combat our ego and materialism. It also enhances the digestive system, pituitary gland, hormonal system, menstrual system, water retention, and weight control.

3. The Opportunity Stone: Aventurine


Aventurine is a popular crystal since it is known for amplifying abundance, prosperity, and luck. The stone assists you in getting new opportunities and attracts luck. It creates a sense of emotional calm and well-being since it is associated with the Heart Chakra. It reestablishes the balance between the emotional, physical, and mental space of a human being. The aventurine enhances energy, blood, and heart circulation, which can help you recover more easily from surgery, illness, or injury.

4. The Spirit: Crystal Quartz

crystal quartz

The crystal quartz connects the person to the metaphysical world to bring light into their lives. It contains the whole color spectrum, which can help you connect to the spiritual world. It amplifies manifestations, prayers, and desires so that you can convert them from the spiritual world to reality. The crystal can help stimulate the circulatory and immune system, as well as enhance the flow of energy through your body.

5. The Money Stone: Citrine


The Citrine rock has a golden hue, which is often associated with gold, money, and wealth. Individuals who carry this rock with them to financial meetings or the bank can attract stability, wealth, and abundance in money. The rock is also associated with aiding in digestion, metabolism, and nausea. It also strengthens the nerve impulses, which makes the brain sharper.

6. Inner Stability: Agate

agate crystal

The Agate stone is found in many different colors. It can be transparent, colored, or banded. This means that it actually embodies the diversity of the different inner world and states. It stabilizes the aura and increases self-awareness of the individual wearing. It is a power conduit of the spirit world and can transform bad energy. If you have problems of anger, self-worth, or emotional instability, then use this stone to bring some inner peace. It can also develop clarity of thought and can help you during a test. Even a meaningful conversation can become easier when you have this stone with you.

7. Ground Yourself: Tourmaline


Tourmaline is a great talisman to shield yourself from negative energy around you. It has been used throughout the world in history like shamans, magicians, wizards, and witches. The black color of the stone acts as a ward against dark energies and ushers you into the light. Since black absorbs light, it acts as a sponge for harmful energy. It can also help ease any joint pain and assists in realigning your spine. You can also strengthen your immune system, heart, and adrenal system with this stone.

8. The Love Stone: Rose Quartz

rose quartz gemstones on light quartz plate.

The rose quartz is a beautiful pink color that helps you to express unconditional love to yourself, the planet, and others. It assists you in attracting your soul mate, giving love, and inviting love. You can also use it to deepen the relationship you are already in. It is known to provide emotional release and healing, as well as improve blood pressure and circulation. Even those people who face tension, palpitations, or skipped beats will find their condition improving after using this crystal.

9. The Protection Stone: Turquoise


Turquoise is the oldest stone, which has been long used by shamans, kings, chiefs, wizards, and many other nobles. It is a symbol of wisdom and has been a part of all ancient cultures as the stone of protection. It facilitates meditation and intuition so that you become more in touch with reality and inner worlds. It is also associated with the throat chakra and enhances clear communication. Any problems of the throat, ears, neck, and brain can be assisted by the stone. It clears blockages in your body so that the energy can flow.

10. The Positivity Stone: Fluorite


The Fluorite is a powerful stone that can absorb negative energy and create a healthy environment of light. It raises your internal vibrations and calms a chaotic mind. The siphons the negative energy away from you and protects your aura. The rainbow fluorite is also known to improve intuition and physic connections, as well as stabilize the mind. It can enhance your focus and clean the mind. It also alleviates inflammation and eases cold symptoms in the body.

Healing crystals are powerful tools that have been used since the dawn of time. They make your life more vibrant and should be used with deep respect. They can help align you and balance your life, creating harmony and happiness. Do make sure that when you source crystals, they come from a sustainable source so that your intentions are clean, to begin with.

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