Meet the Electric Lamborghini of Tomorrow

Everyone knows about the innovative design of the SUV Urus Lamborghini has been working on.

But there is another amazing project the Italian carmaker is currently developing. Working very closely in a joint venture with two laboratories from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lamborghini is in the design stage for the development of another ultra-luxury supercar that they are known to produce and produce with such excellence.

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The only difference this time around is that the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is not just any high-performance car, it will be an ultra-high-performance electric car!

The five elements

Lamborghini has been focused on the five elements which they believe are quintessential for sports cars going into the future:

  • advanced propulsion,
  • visionary design,
  • energy efficiency,
  • innovative material, and of course,
  • the unadulterated emotional experience behind the wheel.

Lamborghini firmly stands by their belief that something which is not possible today can be realized tomorrow.


The Terzo Millennio is not going to make use of conventional batteries; instead, it will make use of supercapacitors that are going to generate and recover power. That means the whole body of the Lamborghini will essentially become a large storage system. The construction and the design of the car will be, in the typical Lamborghini fashion, done keeping finely-tuned aerodynamic qualities in mind. The making of the car will be done with innovative carbon-fiber material to make the car light-weight.

Auto-healing system

Another innovative feature in the works for this car is an auto-healing system. The system, in theory, will allow the car to be able to detect any areas of damage to the frame of the car and set off chemical reactions in order to repair the damaged area before it spreads. Very well in tune with their statement regarding present impossibilities being future realities.

Aerodynamic profile

The powertrain aspect of the Millennio will be an all-wheel-drive system with the motors placed in the wheels to maximize the torque. That will also free up loads of space and allow the designers to create an even more aerodynamic profile of the car, which will be able to cut through the air better than any other Lamborghini before it. This is something we absolutely cannot wait for!

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