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Style Guide to Get That Modern L.A. Look

L.A. is the world’s official fashion hub, and nobody can claim otherwise.

From the diversity of people, you find there to the variating moods of nature.

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It truly is the land of the glam and the fab. Moreover, you may never fall short on your clothes because that’s how easy the modern-day L.A. style is. It caters to all personalities, moods, and weather. From tailored night glam to laid-back evening looks, we have compiled an outfit style guide for you to get that modern LA to look in no time. So set your wardrobes, and let’s begin.

1.   The Holy Trinity of Comfort

Crop Top + Mom Jeans + Athleisure Shoes

One can never go wrong with the holy trinity of comfort because it is comfortable yet fashionable. All you need is any of your million crop tops depending on your preference, and pair it up with any loose-fitting slouchy jeans. A hint of makeup, minimalist jewelry, and big athleisure shoes will complete this look for you, and you can easily step outside in LA and mingle like one of their own without feeling or looking like an outsider. The best part of this look is that it is made for the LA weather and will not drown you in sweat while exploring the city.

Crop Top

2.   The Subtle Goth Edge

Loose Button Down + Skinny Jeans + Leather Shoes

This look is all about embracing your inner rebel yet keeping it subtle and in line with the modern-day LA style. You don’t want to be too extra unless you want attention and head-turning for you. The edge that takes this look up a notch than the previous one is the leather element. Whether you add strappy leather boots or loafers, chokers, or belts, all these leather elements are bound to make your look the perfect balance between subtle yet edgy. Moreover, don’t forget to pair it up with bold and dark eyeliner and a consequent lippy.

Loose Button Down

3.   The Effortless Chic

Body-fitting Dress + Hat + Sunnies + Shoulder Mini Bag

You may not feel that the right amount of effort has gone into this look, but that’s the charm – it is effortless chic, after all. Perfect for the summer weather, beach day at the nearby restaurant with friends – it is the right amount of fab that tells others that you thought about the gathering but kept it effortless because that’s who you are. Moreover, you can pair it up with any footwear of your choice, from strappy flats to strappy heels. However, bear in mind the place you are visiting. A more formal setting calls for heels, while a casual outing with friends would do with flats.

Body-fitting Dress

4.   The Full LA Glam

Tailored Dress + Heels + Chunky Jewellery

Now we are talking about embracing the extra bling of LA nightlife with the full LA glam look. You may step outside at night in LA, and you will find a certain uniformity in the way people dress. Especially if you are visiting one of the “uptowns” of L.A., the rich folks don’t shy away from showing off their belongings, and neither should you.  A tailored dress is always the best choice because it shows that it is made for you and adds the element of exclusivity. Next, you pair it with Manolos or Louboutins or any of your favorite high-end heels, along with chunky gold statement jewelry pieces to complete the look.

Tailored Dress + Heels

5.   The Kardashian Lewk

Body Suit + Biker Shorts / Yoga Pants + Oversized Sunglasses

Lastly, you cannot talk about L.A. style and not mention the Kardashians. L.A. is one of the biggest cities in the world and has been known for its nightlife, glamorous people, and the land of riches. But Kardashians have put the city on the world map with its new-age style. Because think about it, no one ever thought about pairing clothes that are typically considered lingerie or underwear as outerwear, but the Kardashians did. Next thing you know, every other celebrity and regular person in L.A. was wearing bodysuits with yoga pants. If the look speaks to you, go for it, and don’t forget to pair oversized sunglasses to complete the look.

In Conclusion

L.A. is a dream city for many people around the world. It is the land of Hollywood and glam, where dreams are fulfilled. So no wonder people want to visit, stay and acquire the genuine LA style that allows them to mingle with the LA people like one of them. Hopefully, our outfit ideas help you achieve that objective and explore LA as fearless as ever!

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