Endless Summer With My Tropical Beach

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This year, we can virtually make it happen!

We can stop time and make summer last forever with My Tropical beach extension.

This new tab Chrome extension is the key to an endless summer that will appear with every new tab opened. It will bring the sun and an absolute delight to your day with its amazing pictures of sunny destinations around the world.

Choose your favorite My Tropical Beach backgrounds or upload your personal vacation images, select the weather of your dream destination, listen to some chill music and your mood will instantly change. You’ll feel motivated to work, live, love, enjoy the moment, be in the present, or dream.

You’ll feel inspired and focused on every single step you have to take to make your dreams come true. The “to-do” list will help achieve every little goal that brings you closer to your absolute vision.

My Tropical Beach is also a perfect advisor if you’re planning your next summer vacation. Every wallpaper has a short description on the bottom of the page and a shortcut for finding the best deals. If you wish to save any websites with a great promotion, just add them to your bookmarks. Later you may access them directly from the bookmarks shortcut button on the My Tropical Beach dashboard. How convenient!

My Tropical Beach new tab Chrome extension offers a powerful search bar and you have the choice of Google or Yahoo as search engines. It’s time to grab a cocktail and enjoy your time on the web!

Here are some destinations MySunscape recommends visiting and setting up as your favorite backgrounds:

1. Clear Waters of Poda Island

Escape to Thailand’s magnificent Poda Island to enjoy its pristine waters on this traditional long-boat.shutterstock_86590177

2. Ha Long Bay Landscape

Admire a fascinating view of floating boats among limestone rocks at Ha Long Bay, South China Sea, Vietnam.Poda islands

3. Fiji Beach

Travel to a Palm Tree island surrounded by a mesmerizing turquoise lagoon in Fiji.Fiji beach

4. Exotic Boat Trip

Get ready for a stunning boat adventure on the way to a tropical island resort on Phi-Phi island in Krabi, Thailand.exotic boat trip

5. Serene Sunset View

Finish your day with a fascinating and relaxing view of the sunset in a Jamaican resort.Serene sunset wallpaper

What are your favorite sunny destinations?

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