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Inspired by the greatest painter on earth-Autumn.

MyStart new tab Chrome extensions bring the rainbow’s palette with its colors and shades to your virtual world.

Astonishing Nature

Every single new tab offers a new outstanding image of a well-known place or a little-forgotten corner of this Earth worth being discovered. It highlights amazing creatures, unique locations, and absolutely astonishing nature. Looking further through the pictures, we capture emotions, become fascinated by their stories and appreciate the amazing colors our world is giving us. How grateful we are for being able to differentiate such a multitude of shades and shapes, and enjoy the art created by nature!

Color therapy, also called Chromotherapy, has been proven as beneficial since ancient times. Some core philosophies such as Feng Shui and Ayurveda science are based on color therapy.

Colors can influence our mood, the way we feel or even the level of confidence we have. To be more specific, let’s discover together the impact each color has on our body. Let’s discover the rainbow compilation of MyStart’s new tab Chrome extensions.

01. Red

The color red increases self-confidence, it expresses leadership and promotes ambition and determination. It represents strength, perseverance, sexuality and passion. The red color is the symbol of vitally and promotes physical movement.

MyFlowers1 red fred rose wallpaaper

02. Orange

The orange color brings joy, optimism, and great moods. It offers emotional strength in difficult situations. It helps us overcoming depression, disappointments and loss. It keeps us motivated, inspired, and creative. Orange is also the promoter of the healthy food and is often associated with the citrus fruit.

MyFlowersorange wallpaper flower

MyStartorange wallpaper

03. Yellow

It is the brightest color our brain can perceive. Yellow is associated with the sunshine and symbolizes joy, happiness, and youth. It brings loads of enthusiasm but also helps us with making decisions and remember things.

MyFlowers5 yellow fyellow

MyBabyAnimals 4 yellow baby animals

04. Green

The green color is often associated with nature and health. Being a combination of yellow and blue, green borrows the optimism and hope from yellow and peace of mind from the color blue. It is relaxing and agreeable to our eyes. It makes us love and care for ourselves and others unconditionally.

MyTravelItaly6 green fl

MyTravelUSA7 green usa
MyStartgreen 1

05. Blue

The color blue is the order, calmness, peace, as well as physical and mental relaxation.


blue ocean wallpaper

MyStart blue wallpaper

MyFlowersblue flower wallpaper

06. Indigo

Indigo is the color of intuition and perception. It is considered to be the color of deep concentration during meditation, helping us reach a deeper level of consciousness and opening the third eye. Indigo is the color relating to the ability to use the supreme mind to see beyond the normal senses.

MySunscapeindigo wallpaper

MyTravelUSAindigo wallpaper

07. Violet

Violet color guides those looking for spiritual fulfillment. It also represents imagination and dreams. It is a connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. Violet is a promoter of creativity and imagination.

MyFlowersviolet purple wallpaper

MyStartpurple wallpaper

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