Top 7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls On Earth

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Paradise exists.

It can be admired through the most amazing shapes of nature such as oceans, mountains, trees, animals, birds, insects, dust … waterfalls.

Water is life. Waterfalls are a piece of art that was given to us to impress, to inspire and to keep alive.

One of the recent MyStart new tab Chrome extensions is glorifying the beautify and the unicity of waterfalls around the world. Being amazed by the images we can see every day, we decided to present you the top 7 waterfalls in the world that are worth having on your computers screens and being visited in real life!

01. Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

waterfall image

It’s not always about the size that a waterfall would be considered a world wonder. The combination of the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall and the peak of Kirkjufell located at only 463 meters are forming a spectacular view that only nature would ever be able to create. You should definitely add Iceland, the town of Grundarfjörður on your destinations list.

03. Kuang Si Falls

Waterfall imageKuang Si Falls is a three-tier cascade waterfall, located about 29 kilometers south of Luang Prabang. Most of the pools are open for swimming but there is one that is closed because it is considered to be sacred. Can you imagine swimming in this Paradise?

03. Popokvil Waterfall

Waterfall imagePopokvil Waterfall is located close to the Bokor mountain, in Cambodia. Its name means swirling clouds because of the falling water over its two tiers. The best view is considered to be the one towards the back.

04. Helmcken Falls

waterfall imageHelmken Falls is a 141 meters waterfall on the Murtle River situated in the Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. It is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. Although most tourists see Helmcken Falls in summer, a winter visit is worthwhile because the ice come at the base grows to 50 m tall and sometimes even higher. It should be a spectacular view!

05. Selfoss Waterfall

Selfoss Waterfall in Jokulsargf Selfoss Waterfall can be found on the river Jokulsa a Fjollum in the north of Iceland. The river originates from the melted water of the Vatnajokull glacier. Therefore, the water flow depends on the season, weather and volcanic activity. Definitely, worth taking a selfie when visiting Selfoss!

06. Shifen Waterfall

Waterfall imageShifen Waterfall is one of the most famous in Taiwan. It is 20 m tall and 40 m wide. Shifen is a very popular stop for tourist. It has been nicknamed the Little Niagara, although it is much smaller yet very impressive.

07. Dettifoss Waterfall

Waterfall imageIceland is the wonderland of waterfalls! Dettifoss is considered to be Europe’s most powerful waterfall, of course, located in Vatnajokull National Park in Northeast Iceland. The falls are 100 meters wide and have a drop of 44 meters this causes a massive crashing spray.

Iceland is worth visiting and meanwhile we’re planning our trip, MyWaterfalls will be our inspiration and motivation to believe that paradise exists!

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