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Your Soul Symbol Based on Your Birth Month

A person’s soul is the complete essence of who they are.

It depicts who you are at a core level, your true nature.

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A soul is something that animates us, moves us, and even speaks to us in dull moments when we need help.

Interestingly, the time of year you were born can help you better understand your soul and discover new aspects about yourself. A soul symbol for every month of the year can help you analyze your soul. Let’s see what all of the soul symbols are:

January – Dragon

The soul symbol for people born in January is the dragon. These people are highly ambitious and have very strong personalities. They’ve got that fire in them that helps them strive for what they want. The dragon symbol can represent drive or anger, and it’s all about finding a balance between the two.


February – Phoenix

The phoenix is destined to rise from the ashes, reborn. Like the symbol representing them, the people born in February will always persevere. They take challenges head-on and don’t let setbacks put out their fight.


March – Yin-Yang

If you are born in march, your soul symbol would be yin-yang. The yin-yang is all about seeking balance and harmony. People born in March look for harmony in every aspect of their lives and are especially good at balancing the highs and the lows that life throws at them in order to find true inner peace.

yin yang

April – Lion

The lion represents fearlessness, leadership, and standing out amongst others. People born in April have strong personalities and are naturally brave. Their souls are the loudest of all, much like the roar of the lion. They have big hearts, stand out in a crowd, and lead people.


May – Wolf

The wolf is the proud lone warrior that protects his pack. Much like the soul symbol representing them, the people born in May have a close bond with their pack – friends and family – and would go above and beyond to help and protect it. However, they can be quite reserved in front of outsiders.


June – Fish

The soul symbol for June is the fish. A fish swims freely and is fluid and independent. Like this symbol, people born in June swim through the challenges that life throws their way. They move past the bad easily and find the positive side in things.

fishJuly – Fire

A fire cannot be contained. It can be wild and untamed, but it can also bring precious warmth. People born in July are like fire. They are highly determined and can’t be put out. They burn brightly and bring joy to those around them but are at risk of being aggressive and harsh.


August – Horse

Like those born in August, the horse is free and wild and gallops through life with abandon. August-born people are not intimidated by challenges or obstacles and thrive in high-stress situations. They’re stubborn and determined, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.


September – Flower

The soul symbol for people born in September is a flower. These people are sweet and delicate. They bring joy and beauty to everyone around them and move through life with graciousness and warmth.


October – Star

Stars burn bright and offer guidance. They are the light in the darkness and are always reliable. People born in October are like their soul symbol and brighten up the lives of those who are around them. However, there is the risk of burning too brightly and burning out.


November – Tree

The tree symbol represents growth, nurturing, and healing. Those people who were born in November are generous and kind. They are inviting and caring like nature and have the patience to wait for the sweetest fruits that life bestows on them.


December – Water

Lastly, December’s soul symbol is water. As it finds its way through the cracks, and adjust in almost every form you desire. It is calm and flowing but can also be dangerous. People born in December can be calm or stormy depending on the situation they find themselves in.


Did You Find this Enlightening?

These were all the soul symbols that represent different people’s souls. What was your soul symbol based on your birth month? And did it help you realize something about yourself that you maybe hadn’t previously realized?

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