Things Dogs Hate About Humans

The dog is man’s best friend, it’s true!

If you’ve ever had a dog, you’ll know how loving and loyal they can be. They follow you around all day, beg for your love and attention, try to sneak into your bed at night for snuggles, and miss you when you go to work in the mornings.

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However, no two dogs are exactly the same, and while one puppy may love being tickled, another could dislike it. There are a few things you might be doing that your dog hates. Here are ten things dogs hate about humans:

1. Tight Hugs

While many humans like to show their love with long, tight hugs, the same can’t be said for dogs. Your beloved pet might let you hug them and stay calm, but that isn’t the case for all dogs. Some dogs may feel like you are encroaching on their personal space or threatening them. Best to stick with a short hug if your dog doesn’t mind.

tight hug

2. When You Pet Them On Their Face and Head

Just like tight hugs, when a human touches a dog’s head or face, the dog might feel like you are invading their personal space. If you do need to touch the dog’s face for any reason, make slow and gentle moves. Instead of petting dogs on the face or head, you can opt for healthy pets on their body or rear end.

3. Not Letting them Explore on Walks

Most dogs love going on walks, but a tight leash can ruin the experience. Dogs are great at sensing your moods and tension levels. If you hold them on a tight leash, they may pick up on your stress and feel stressed out themselves. It’s best to keep the leash loose and slack, letting your dog know that you feel relaxed and calm. Your dog will also have plenty of space to explore.

4. Extra Strict Rules on Walks

Dogs like to let loose and explore. Like we said previously, they hate a tight leash. Let them as far and wide as you comfortably can. Dogs also see with their noses, so you must let them smell everything around them. Walk slow, let them guide you, and smell whatever they please.

dog walk

5. When You Handle Them Roughly

A lot of how humans handle dogs can be stressful for them. When it comes to grooming, cleaning their teeth, clipping nails, veterinary exams, and so on, dogs can feel cornered, threatened, or frightened when handled roughly. It is important to be slow, steady, and calm in your movements and get the dog desensitized to your touch.

6. Teasing Them

Some people think it is funny to tease dogs, whether by pulling on their tails and ears or barking at them. Dogs don’t have the same sense of humor as humans and don’t always understand human behavior. They don’t find the teasing funny. When dogs feel antagonized, they may lash out, which can be dangerous.

7. Yelling and Strict Punishments

Harsh tones, raised voices, and yelling is all things that dogs hate. They can’t understand your words or what you are saying, but they recognize your tone and emotions. Yelling will not earn you a dog’s respect. Rather it will just inspire fear. Positive reinforcement is the way to go!

yelling at a dog

8. Excessively Dressing Them Up

In winter, a t-shirt or a light sweater is okay, and your dog will likely tolerate it. However, excessive dressing up and costumes can be very irritating or restricting for your dog. Your enjoyment of the silly costumes is not worth making your dog uncomfortable. Dog’s especially hate wearing anything on their feet and head.

9. Ignoring or Leaving Them Alone

Dogs are very social animals, and they love spending time with you. They can get easily bored and need a lot of stimulation. They especially hate it when you leave them alone all day and go off to work. Try and spend as much time with your dog as possible and get in some good bonding.

10. Strong Fragrances

Dogs are generally sensitive to smel.  Strong perfumes, cleaning products, and detergents can irritate their noses. Try to keep strong scents away from your dog whenever possible so that they can be comfortable.

Which of these 10 things dogs hate about humans were you aware of? Do share with us!

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