Things to Know before Getting a Doberman

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Described as one of the smartest of all dog breeds, the Doberman is also called Doberman Pinscher.

It is a relatively new dog breed that gained significant popularity ever since it was officially recognized in 1900.

It boasts a great reputation as a fierce, protective guard dog as well as an attack dog, which has resulted in various assumptions about the dog’s nature and temperament. Because they are originally bred to be protectors, many people think twice before keeping one as a pet. They are often considered to be violent, aggressive, and dangerous.

While they do contain all these characteristics to some extent, they only exhibit them in times of need, treat, or when they have to protect themselves and their owners.

Dobermans actually make wonderful pets, and owning one is definitely a unique experience.

If you’re thinking of bringing home a Doberman, here are a few interesting things you ought to know about this breed to provide them with the best possible home.

They Have an Average Lifespan of 12-15 Years

Before owning any pet dog, it is essential to consider their average lifespan. A Doberman has an average lifespan of 12-15 years, which is probably the saddest part about owning one as a pet.

One of the many reasons for such a short lifespan is the breed’s health-related problems and its susceptibility to a great number of diseases and illnesses. In general, this dog breed is known to have quite good health, except with a few medical concerns such as hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, chronic hepatitis, cataracts, and melanoma, to name a few.

When getting a Doberman pet, make sure that it has been properly screened for genetic diseases in order to ensure that you’re getting a healthy pup.

The White Doberman Has Great Many Health Complications

The Doberman breed exists in a variety of popular colors such as black, red, fawn, and blue, but there’s a ‘white’ or ‘cream-colored’ Doberman as well, which is actually quite rare. White Dobermans aren’t as famous as other colors primarily because they are associated with great many serious health complications.

The white Doberman is often described as ‘albino Dobermans’ mainly because of their light coloring. While they aren’t albinos in the traditional sense, they do have white-colored markings on their coat, pigmentation in the eyes, pink lips, and a pink nose.

Given their reduced level of pigment, this dog breed is highly prone to issues like tumors, sunburn, photosensitivity, lack of vision, and numerous skin concerns.

Due to these very reasons, the American Kennel Club (AKC) strictly doesn’t promote breeding white Dobermans, which has led to the white Doberman being considered an “unacceptable specimen.”

They Aren’t As Aggressive As you think

Most people get the image of a snarling dog with flared nostrils and sharp, bare teeth when they think of a Doberman. While they have an intimidating appearance, it’s only because they were bred as guard dogs to protect themselves as well as their owners.

Their breeding method is primarily why they come off as ferocious and aggressive. However, nowadays, they are bred quite differently. The Dobermans of this generation are friendly, sociable, playful, and have a very even temperament. Their earlier dominating traits and characteristics are heavily toned down; however, it’s important to note that they still have more potential than any other dog breed to display a tad aggressive behavioral tendencies.

They Have a Superior Kind of Intelligence

Guard dogs are known to be really smart and quick-learners because they often have incredible instincts and natural abilities. The Doberman is one of those smartest dog breeds, and the American Kennel Club has ranked them as the 5th smartest dog breed all across the world.

Their smartness suggests that they are easily trainable and have a great capacity for learning new skills and tasks. However, note here that they tend to get bored quite easily, so they always need some variety along with complex and engaging tasks.

They are extremely Demanding, and They Crave Serious Attention

Dobermans can be great companions, and you are likely to have a whole lot of fun with your pet Doberman. However, they are an extremely challenging breed of dog, and they demand some serious attention from their owners.

There is quite a common phrase that’s often associated with this breed: “A Doberman Pinscher owns you.”

The underlying idea behind this phrase is that Dobermans command attention and interest from their owners and have quite serious requirements pertaining to inclusion, as compared to many other dog breeds.

As a pet owner, you need to mentally prepare yourself that your pet Doberman can give you a hard time through their very high demands for love, kindness, training, and concentration. Before bringing one home as a pet, you need to ensure that you have adequate time on your plate to give to these dogs and that your daily schedule isn’t too busy.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that Dobermans tend to form very serious bonds with their masters, followed by a great need for proximity. Therefore, you must be able to give your Doberman pup the kind of time and attention that they expect you to give them.

Final Word

If you are new to pets, getting a Doberman pet might not be such a great idea, given their wild and fierce behavioral tendencies. On the other hand, if you are an experienced pet owner, you know all about their temperament and characteristics, so make sure that you research and do your homework before bringing one home.

However, you must remember that Dobermans make fantastic pets, and if you have one in your home, know that you are perfectly safe from harm because Dobermans are truly fierce protectors, and they will guard you at all times!

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