6 Things to Know Before Traveling to New Zealand

New Zealand consistently tops the list of the world’s must-visit places.

Usually known as the real-world middle earth, New Zealand is a country that successfully continues to meet all kinds of traveler needs.

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Whether you are searching for a serene getaway, an adrenaline-fueled adventure, a robust city experience, or everything Lord of The Rings, and anything in between, it would not be wrong to say that New Zealand delivers it all.

However, to get the most out of this masterpiece of a country, it is vital to take a few integral bits of information with you. Here are six things to know before traveling to New Zealand.

6 Things to Know Before Travelling to New Zealand

1.     Prepare for Strict Custom Checks

As soon as you reach New Zealand, you’ll immediately notice that they have a very stringent custom check policy. Even if you select ‘nothing to declare’ on your custom sheet, be prepared to have your luggage checked and questioned regardless of anything.

Hence, our first tip for traveling to New Zealand would be to ensure that your luggage is thoroughly cleaned and examined before you pack it to avoid any unnecessary problems with the customs.

Also, make sure you check the bottom of your shoes, because believe us, they’ll check that too!

2.     Show Respect to the Maori Culture

There are several meaningful cultural experience opportunities in New Zealand. Partaking in a Maori cultural experience should be on the top of your ‘must-do’ list when you travel to New Zealand. Maori is the second official language of the country, and there are certain Maori traditions you must keep in mind to avoid offending anyone. Never enter a marae, traditional Maori meeting space, without permission. Do not bring in drinks or food and always remove your shoes before entering.

3.     Middle Earth and Hobbiton Tours

New Zealand provided the stunning setting for the shooting of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. There are roughly a hundred and fifteen locations across the country where fans can live their wildest Tolkien dreams. Visitors have to option to either for self-guided or guided tours. The most famous Tolkien attraction is Hobbiton, a family-run sheep farm, two and a half hours away from Auckland. No matter where you’re in New Zealand, you are never too far from the world of Lord of The Rings!

4.     Pack for All Weathers

New Zealand is famously known for having four seasons in a single day. The temperature in the South and North islands can differ significantly, and depending on the time of year, you plan your visit, it can get very cold or hot. Hence, pack clothes that you can easily layer up. It can get cold in the shade and burning in the sun, so make sure to have flexibility in your clothing.

5.     The Wilderness Immersion Experiences are Limitless

One-third of New Zealand is a shielded national park, and being submerged in breathtaking wilderness and landscapes is one reason why so many people visit this destination.

From hiking the famed Routeburn and Milford tracks to getting up close to creaking glaciers and cruising magnificent fjords, the natural environment’s significance has indeed been well harnessed in New Zealand.

6.     Don’t Forget to Pack Sunscreen

With less pollution and ozone to block the harmful UV rays of the sun, your exposure to sunburn is far more in New Zealand than in the United States. The rate of skin cancer is highest in New Zealand in the entire world. This does not mean you should not visit the country, but it means you need to slip on a shirt, wear a hat, and slap on a lot of sunscreen!

Other Essential Things to Know about New Zealand

Currency: New Zealand dollar

Country prefix/code: +64

Time zone: UTC+12 (UTC+13 in summer)

Largest City: Auckland

Capital: Wellington

Electronic plugs: Type I (3 flat pins in a triangular pattern)

We hope all these things will help you to plan your perfect trip to New Zealand. Traveling to New Zealand can be a great feat for the entire family as it caters to the needs of all kinds of travelers.

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