Why Do Flowers Make You Feel Good About Yourself?

Whether you are a nature lover or not, as soon as you see beautiful blooming flowers, they instantly uplift your mood.

Admit it or not, a bouquet brings a big smile to our faces.

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We are all so engrossed in our lives and hectic schedules that we often ignore the simple joys of life. In fact, flowers with their beautiful colors, gorgeous smells, and blooms comfort us unknowingly. Flowers have the power to brighten up your day even in the darkest of times. They bring relief from stress and evoke that feel-good factor, and the result is a happier you.

The power of flowers

The real question is, how do flowers make you feel happy and good about yourself? Flowers are said to naturally moderate our moods as well as improve our emotional health. Several ‘happy’ chemicals, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, found in different flowers, make you happy.


This feel-good chemical found in flowers play a significant role in boosting our moods. This is also why it is found in various anti-depressant medications. When you receive flowers they make you feel special and happy.


Seeing flowers, buying, or receiving them releases a chemical called dopamine that makes you feel cheerful. It also evokes a sense that something exceptional is coming your way.


Also known as the ‘bonding hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’, the oxytocin chemical is associated with romance and trust. When you get flowers from a loved one, it makes you feel happy enough to release oxytocin.

Positive effects of flowers on our emotions

Read on to find out how flowers work to make you feel good about yourself.

The attraction of color

As far as sensory perception is concerned, we are well aware that color plays a significant part. However, the influence of color on our cognition is pretty intriguing. Every color has a different effect.

  • Since time immemorial, the color red is linked with romance and love. Moreover, it helps increase performance levels, especially on tasks that requiring attention to detail.
  • On the other hand, joy is associated with the color pink. The brighter the pink, the more energetic you’ll feel. The lighter and softer tones of pink are expressive of romance and gentleness.
  • Violet hue is known to have a soothing effect on the nerves and mind. It not only boosts creativity but helps lift your spirits as well.
  • Did you know that yellow is considered one of the brightest and cheerful colors in the spectrum? The vibrant color induces radiant and happy feelings, which stimulates your memory as well.
  • Blue is said to aid in creative thinking. Calmness is also associated with the color blue.

The allure of fragrance

The sense of smell is pretty complex to understand. However, the power of a beautiful fragrance is such that it instantaneously triggers a memory associated with that particular smell. The best part about flowers with a sweet smell is that the scent improves your mood and also benefits mental health. Fragrant indoor plants can help calm stressful environments and make the surroundings more relaxed. The scent of some flowers also helps in relieving headaches.

Most of us love the fragrance of roses, which is said to stimulate feelings of happiness. If you are feeling down, keeping a bunch of roses in your room can make that sad feeling go away. Other flowers such as lilies, gardenias, and hyacinths have therapeutic scents. If you keep fresh lavender sprigs in your bedroom, it will improve your irregular sleep patterns. If you don’t have fresh lavender, dried lavender or lavender oil are also quite beneficial.

Taking care of flowers

If you have a small garden and enjoy gardening and planting all sorts of plants, especially flowers, you would definitely know the sense of responsibility it brings with it. Not only that, taking care of your flowers and plants increases your self-esteem. Looking after your flowers and caring for them is like tending to your own children.

It is like a labor of love that brings serenity to your life. There is nothing more satisfying and extraordinary when the flowers you planted start blooming and turning into gorgeous, vibrant flowers. Caring for them at every step of the way certainly gives a sense of accomplishment and gratification, making you more content and joyful.

Have you ever walked in a garden with blooming flowers everywhere when you are stressed or upset? If you felt good after strolling in the park, it’s because of the flowers. Beautiful and vibrant flowers not only have the magic to make you feel good but also elevate the moods for those who are going through a rough time, are sick, or have lost a loved one.

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