10 Best Things to Do in Grand Canyon National Park

Travelers get awestruck by the sight of the Grand Canyon’s massive ridges, gorges, and rock formations.

Simply enjoying the view from various vantage points could take up hours.

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Stunning views, fun hikes and best trails are few of the many things you can do at the Grand Canyon.

Know how you can make your trip to the Grand Canyon National Park epic by viewing must-see sights and doing some iconic activities. Start with our list of the ten fun and best things to do in Grand Canyon and make your visit worthwhile.

10 Best and Fun Things to Do in Grand Canyon National Park

1.     Grand Canyon Hiking

Grand Canyon National Park, and the grander Grand Canyon region is a hiker’s dream. Most part of Grand Canyon National Park is undeveloped backcountry. Hence, there are literally hundreds of miles available for hiking, backpacking and exploration.

Despite huge numbers of visitors and its popularity, each visitor needs to hike only a small distance to enjoy precious solitude. All visitors are provided with a free map when they enter the Grand Canyon National Park to make hiking easy.

1.     Experience Mule Rides

Explore the depths and the beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park on eminent trails like the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trail on a mule. Grand Canyon mule rides are not only an easy adventure but also very easy on your legs.

2.     Go on Scenic Drives

Many people believe that a Grand Canyon vacation is America’s supreme road trip. It is one big exhilarating scenic drive, and there are so many stunning drive opportunities that it is hard to limit any favorites.

3.     Camp Under the Stars

One of the best things to do in Grand Canyon is to set up a camp under the starry sky and admire the overwhelming beauty and the magnanimity of the surroundings. For many people, this experience is unmatched than any other activity.

4.     Float Through the Colorado River

One of the most thrilling ways to experience the Grand Canyon National Park is to sail through it from the Colorado River onboard a water raft. The white-water rafting trip is a fifteen-hour expedition and leaves from Las Vegas.

5.     Bird View Tours from Helicopter

Take a twenty-five-minute helicopter tour to soar out over the abyss and witness the bird’s view of the Grand Canyon for a spectacular and unique vantage of this deep and vast natural wonder.  The flight takes you over the Dragon Corridor, the deepest and widest section of the canyon and many other key attractions.

6.     Geological Museum

One of the most informative and interesting exhibits in Grand Canyon National Park is the Geological Museum. The site for this museum was selected by a group of high-profile geologists in the 1920s as the views from there were the most illustrative of the canyon’s geology.

7.     Wildlife Viewing

While most people do not come to the Grand Canyon for wildlife viewing, it is more than likely you’ll witness at least some animals while you’re driving through the park. Elks are one of the usual suspects that are often spotted along the Rim Trail. Mountain lions, bighorn sheep, mule deer, hug-nosed skunk, Kaibab squirrel are few of the other wildlife animals inhabiting the park.

8.     Railway Adventures

Visitors can combine sightseeing with a luxury train ride through the desert at the Grand Canyon on a full-day railroad excursion from Sedona or Williams. The train travels across the Arizona high country to Grand Canyon’s South Rim. This is the easiest way to explore the Grand Canyon, with no parking or driving hassles.

9.     Grand Canyon Skywalk

The horseshoe-shaped Grand Canyon Skywalk extends approximately seventy feet out over the canyon at the Grand Canyon West Hualapai. Tourists on the skywalk that has a clear, four-inch-thick glass-bottom loom over the railing or look down through their stance to view the canyon and all of its four thousand feet of the vertical abyss.

Let the Adventure Begin!

The gorgeous sight of the Grand Canyon National Park’s massive expanse of ridges, gorges, and rock formations are enough to wow even the most cynical of visitors. If you’re planning a trip to this colossal wonder of nature, make sure to experience most of the above-mentioned activities to make your visit memorable and worthwhile.

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