The Ultimate Travelling Guide to Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs

People who’ve traveled through Egypt realize there is no other place like it in the world.

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Why Visit Egypt?

The ancient culture of Egypt spread throughout the Nile river has captivated and staggered travelers for centuries. From the dusty barren desert of the Sahara to the sand-covered tombs of lost civilizations, Egypt never fails to bring out the adventurer in all of us.

Witness personally the ruins of the pinnacle of human achievements, learn the history of ancient Pharaohs and Egypt and let’s not forget about one of the wonders of the world: The Pyramids of Giza. Now, tell us why wouldn’t you want to visit Egypt?

Best Time to Visit the Land of Pharaohs

The weather in Egypt is quite pleasant between the months of October till April and is usually considered to be the best time to visit the country. But in our opinion, the over-flooding crowd and the hike in prices might ruin the experience for you. Therefore, we recommend shoulder seasons like June and September, when you can experience the best of both worlds: decent weather, fewer people, and reasonable prices.

Interesting Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its historical tales and monuments. From home of Pharaoh to the two seas which never meet. Egypt has proven to be full of miracles and contemplating sites. A well-known heaven for archaeology and history enthusiasts. With continuing tourism Egypt has undermined adventurous projects and relaxing spots for its tourists, few of which are mentioned below.

Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx

The Pyramids of Giza, last survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, are one of the world’s greatest and most recognizable landmarks. Created as tombs for the Pharaohs and shielded by the enigmatic Sphinx, the pyramid complex of Giza has awed travelers through ages and had a few conspiracy theorists and archaeologists scratching their heads on how they were built centuries ago.

Till today, these astounding memorials of dead kings are still an incredible sight as they ever were years ago. A visit to this place is an undeniable highlight of any Egyptian trip.

The Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple

Famous for the Karnak Temple, Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of Kings the Nile-siding town of Luxor in Egypt is almost always swamped with tourists from all across the world. This is primeval Thebes, power house of the New Kingdom pharaohs, and houses more sights than most tourists can view in one visit. While the East Bank of the river brims with energetic souk action, the calmer West Bank is home to a myriad of temples and tombs and temples and is known as the largest open-air museum in the world.

Abu Simbel

Even in a country ornamented with temples and tombs, Abu Simbel is undeniably something special. This is the great temple of Ramses II and is adorned with huge sculptures of guards standing outside it, and with an amazing wall painted interior. Justly famed for its proportions, Abu Simbel is also well-known for the implausible feat, that witnessed the entire temple moving from its original setting during the 1960s in a considerable UNESCO operation that took almost four years to complete.

Temple of Philae, Dendera Temple Complex, White Desert, Cairo Citadel and Siwa Oasis are few other must-see places that you should visit on your trip to the land of Pharaohs.

Things to Eat in Egypt

Egypt is surely on the bucket list of most travelers. Apart from the ancient history, scuba diving, and stunning beaches, traditional Egyptian food is yet another reason you must visit this country. The rich ancient history of the country makes Egyptian cuisine what it is today. Similarly, as in several Middle Eastern countries, a significant part of the Egyptian culture is related to getting together and celebrating with friends and family around delicious food! Below is a list of scrumptious Egyptian meals that you must try on your trip:

  • Ful Medammes
  • Falafel/ Ta’meya
  • Koshari
  • Shawarma
  • Mahshi
  • Molokhia
  • Fattah

We hope this ultimate traveling guide to Egypt helped you significantly while planning your next trip to the land of pharaohs.

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