dolphin and sea lion underwater on ocean

5 Reasons Why Dolphins Are the Best Sea Creatures

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Perfectly proper, empathetic, kind, and intelligent, dolphins are perhaps more humane than most humans today. No doubt, these happy sea creatures with a fixed smile on their face have such broad appeal.

If you are ever having a bad day, there’s no better solution than a friendly dolphin meet-up to bring a smile to your face.

Allow us to explain to you what makes dolphins the best thing that happened to humans:

1. They Give Wonderful Rides

Portrait of a happy Dolphin

Humans couldn’t even have imagined riding a sea creature, if not for the dolphins. Dolphin-human interaction dates far back in history. History is witness to young boys during the times of the Romans who used to ride wild dolphins. This is something that continues to this day by researchers.

2. They Are Not Just Human’s Best Friends

two dolphins

Dolphins are literally everyone’s best friends. Just search the Internet and get lost in the videos that show dolphins saving dogs, kissing cats, and even carrying out long-term friendships with a particular creature. The only creature they do not get along with is fish. Isn’t that ironic? We know.

3. They Would Come to You for Help

help dolphinIsn’t it a wonderful feeling to be trusted blindly? Even if fellow humans lose trust in you, these sea creatures won’t. There are too many incidents to count where dolphins have approached humans and divers to seek help.

4. They’ll Put on a Show for You and Won’t Even Charge

Jumping dolphins in the blue seaIf you are lucky enough to encounter dolphins in the wild, then you’ll experience a show of your life. These dolphins are always happy, and even more so when they see new people. They’d either jump out of the water in glee, blow bubble rings, wave their fins at you, or even play with you.

5. Their Camaraderie is Exemplary

Dolphin swimming in water There have been various sightings where dolphins were seen supporting, helping and even seeking help for their fellow dolphins.

If you ever see a dolphin coming your way, know that they are coming to befriend you. An exception to this would be the killer whale. It also belongs to the dolphin family but is probably the black sheep. If you ever see one coming your way, make a run for it!

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