Debunking Myths About Huskies

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Almost anyone can recognize them for their distinct look.

Unfortunately, all that popularity has paved ways for quite a few myths. Let’s debunk some of the most common ones:

1. They are born predators


Wrong! Huskies are trained and fed to be predators but they are not born one. If you raise a husky and never take them to the wild side, and never expose them to hunting and killing, they won’t. They have no innate desire to do either of these things. They definitely have the ability which is why they make excellent hunters, but they can easily live without it.

2. They Cannot Live in Apartments

husky indoors playingWrong again! Huskies are extremely active, true! But what makes one think they cannot live in apartments? All they need is exercise, mental, and company. If they don’t get these three things, even a gigantic house won’t be the right place for them.

3. They are Descendants of the Wolves

A beautiful gray husky lies on a rock covered with moss against a background of clouds and a blue sky and looks into the camera. A dog on a natural background.

Just because they look like wolves, doesn’t make them descendants on one. They are not even “part-wolf”.
Huskies are simply dogs. Sure they are related to wolves like every other dog breed but that’s it. Hollywood is to be blamed for this widespread myth. It has, in the past and in present, used huskies as a stand-in for the wolves. This dog breed is far friendlier and easier to train than real wolves.

4. They Are Good Watchdogs

Siberian husky

Who on earth would put Huskies to work as a watchdog? They’d probably end up befriending the trespasser and would be soon playing ball with them. Huskies love interactions and are very social.

5. Huskies are Dumb

siberian huskyJust because Huskies refuse to dance to their master’s tune doesn’t make them dumb. It only makes them more intelligent for looking out for themselves. It’s a common myth that huskies are not smart because they are hard to train. Truth is, they are just different.

They get bored easily and need lots of reinforcement and a master they respect. Huskies need owners who match their personality. If you work from home and are very adventurous and athletic, then this dog is for you.

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