Why is Everyone Fascinated with Pandas?

Pandas are chiefly famous for two things; being adorable and almost getting extinct.

However, there are many more reason to love these black-and-white ball of furs. Let’s take a look at what makes them so lovable:

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1. Their Personality

cute pandasTheir personality is perhaps one of the most cherished things about them. Pandas are basically like giant toddlers. They are extremely playful, adventurous and curious.

They love to snuggle and joke around. Pandas who grew up in the wild might be dangerous, but the ones that remain in conservational captivity stay hilariously clumsy, curious and playful. Once you see them, it’s almost impossible to not want to take one home.

2. They Are Almost Vegetarian by Choice

Hungry giant panda bear eating bamboo

There is something about carnivorous animals that makes us not want to bring them home. Perhaps, those deadly canine teeth have something to do with it. No matter how cute an animal is, if they prefer meat, you would never want to hug them.

Pandas, on the other hand, are part of the omnivore order, but 99% of their diet consists of bamboos. Hence, they would always prefer bamboo over let’s say, a large meaty human for instance. That, in itself, makes them worthier of our love.

3. They are Lazy

Cute giant panda bear

Lazy humans make everyone look down upon them, but pandas even make laziness look adorable somehow. They eat and chew on bamboo all day, climb up the tree and clumsily fall down because they do not realize they are full-sized bears. But once they are done eating, they just sleep.

Even after waking up, they lazily and sluggishly walk around. This is natural for pandas as their digestive system takes a long time to break down their vegetarian diet.

4. Wait! Did You Call Them “Lazy”?

Sleeping giant panda baby

Pandas are a living contradiction. As lazy as they are, they are also exceptionally good at handstands. They have excellent coordination and would often handstand as high as they can against a tree, to the um…take care of their business and to mark their territory.

5. They Don’t Hibernate

happy giant panda

Other bears go to hibernate during the winters, but our pandas are not one for it. Of course, the reason behind is the slow digestive system that cannot sustain them for this long. Hence, pandas migrate to warmer zones instead.

If you are feeling the love, then there are many sanctuaries around the world that would allow visitors to spend some quality time with them. But let us warn you, once you love pandas, you won’t be able to control your emotions whenever they get mentioned.

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