Amazing Frog Species

Frogs are one of the largest planet-occupying species in the Amphibian category.

They mainly belong to a diverse carnivorous group of tailless amphibians with short bodies and skills to remain underwater.

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While our planet harbors many different species of frogs, all of them are scattered worldwide. Widely distributed, you can find frogs in the tropics, subarctic regions, rainforests, and even water in-habiting deserts.

According to National Geographic, frogs account for around 88% of extant amphibian species. Hence, making them of the five most diverse vertebrates alive and active today in the world. So let’s explore some of the most amazing species of frogs as we diver deep in the wild.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

The red-eyed tree frog is one of the most commonly found species of frogs in the tropical lowlands of Mexico and northern areas of South America. It is a native for those areas as it has been a keen creature on adapting to different weather, seasons, and habitats. The bulging red eyes and its ability to climb trees are its signature qualities, hence giving the frog its name. It is also nicknamed the “monkey frog” because it can cover challenging jumps with its unique orange webbed feet.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

If the name itself hasn’t given away much, blue poison dart frogs have a uniquely blue – almost sapphire-colored body. The radiant color gives the frog a stark similarity to the gemstone, and so it is considered one of nature’s greatest treasures. And much like the metaphor, nature has taken great caution in keeping the treasure safe. These sapphire beauties might be amazing to look at but deadly for humankind. They secrete poison through their skin, so we can’t even do as much as touch them. Found mainly in northern Brazil, they are easy to tell apart.

Golden Poison Frog

Much smaller than its other counterparts, the golden poison frog also even look relatively harmless. However, the big black beady eyes that seem to stare at the predator so intensely give away its intentions to kill. These species of frogs secrete a lethal toxin called batrachotoxin. An average golden poison frog can carry anywhere from 700 to 1900mg of this toxin within their tiny bodies. This means that this little golden frog has enough poison to kill over ten adult humans. Mainly found in Amazonian rainforests, these frogs have been endangered.

Amazon Milk Frog

With a unique stretched face, the amazon milk frog looks like it is smiling at you. However, you should never fall for the innocent smile because, much like every frog on this list, they, too, are incredibly poisonous. In fact, the name doesn’t denote their skin color but more like the consistency of the poison they secrete. Mainly found in the Amazonian rainforest, the milk frog secretes a milky white poison when they are stressed. They also spend most of their time hanging on to trees and have a remarkable color and pattern across their skin.

Tomato Frog

Red and plump like a ripened tomato but not to be messed with because the largest individuals of the tomato frog species are females. They secrete a white glue-like substance to ward off predators and are native to tropical rainforests of Northeastern Madagascar and the area of Antongil Bay. The red color is so bright that the frog can be identified from the naked eye almost a mile away. Even though tomato frogs are not lethal to humans, it is advised to never mess with the creatures of the wild.


Overall it is safe to say and rather unfortunate that frogs are one of the deadliest creatures on the face of this planet. The active rule that applies to creatures as such is that if nature didn’t bother hiding them, then chances are it is extremely dangerous for us humans to interact with it.

In the case of frogs, this particular notion reigns true as the post of these species of frogs are deadly, in fact, fatal for humankind. But our fascination with them doesn’t end there, does it?

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