10 Interesting Pug Facts You Didn’t Know

Originally from China and popularized by British royalty, Pugs are known as one of the cutest dogs in the world.

We have developed much affection towards these charming creatures. Here are the top ten facts about pugs that make them the lovable, affectionate doggo that they are.

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Female pugs tend to live a little longer, up to 13.2 years

If you are a first-time pet owner with pugs, then you would be curious about their life expectancy.

However, a quite interesting fact about pug is that despite given their various health issues, pugs can live more than ten years. In fact, the female life expectancy average goes up to almost 14 years. So if you have a healthy puggy, the chances are that they’ll stick around.

Pugs are a low-maintenance breed

Pugs are among the most popularly adopted pets because they are a relatively low-maintenance dog breed compared to their other doggo fellows. Hence, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or share a space with a roommate, a pug can be an ideal pet because neither do they bark much nor like outdoors, but they do love the cuddles.

Pugs are naturally sensitive

Pugs were originally bred to be lap dogs. So it’s natural that they thrive on human companionship. However, pugs tend to become clingy pets with separation anxiety from the owners with such a nature. Even in short bursts of feeling left out, a pug can start crying. Hence, if you are someone prone to traveling, pugs aren’t the pet you are looking to leave behind.

Pugs are known to have an underbite

Pugs have a classic under-bite, a renowned facial feature known particularly concerning the dog breed. The main reason why the underbite is such a known feature is that it gives them a comical grumpy expression which people tend to find adorable. Contrary to popular belief that an underbite can become problematic for the pugs, it is a harmless natural feature.

Pugs can’t cool the air they breathe

It is a well-known fact about pugs that often tend to interfere with their daily lifestyle that they aren’t able to do well in hotter temperatures. That is why pug owners tend to readily get concerned for their wellbeing when the summer season approaches. Moreover, pugs aren’t naturally meant to be outdoor dogs, so a heat stroke is a high tendency for them.

Pugs love to sleep

Even if you are not a pug owner, you might still know the fact that pugs love to sleep. The cute lap dogs love human connection, companionship, and affection. This combination of qualities alongside an owner that tends to stay indoors in a cozy environment is like an ideal situation for a pug. Next thing you know, you’ll find them dozing off in any cool corners of the house.

Pugs are good for watchdogs

Pugs are inherently smart, observant, and quick learners. All of these qualities add up to make them incredible watchdogs. That is why many people adopt pugs as support dogs for all ages of people and tend to keep them around when they have a baby in the house. Plus, with personality traits like these, you can easily train your pugs to become even better.

Pugs are terrible swimmers

We might have mentioned this multiple times, but it remains a solid truth about pugs that they aren’t outdoorsy. Hence, it is not a shocker that they tend to be relatively bad at outdoor activities like swimming compared to their other doggo counterparts. Additionally, pugs seldom adapt well to water, and it may even scare them. Hence, swimming isn’t for pugs.

Fawn pugs have black puppies

Fawn and black coat pugs are the most known, bred, and adopted types of pugs. However, it is genuinely interesting that even if two fawn pugs mate, the tendency that they will birth black pugs is higher than fawn pugs. However, as the dogs grow up, they tend to shed their baby coat and shed a lot of fur in general. Hence, you never know that your pug puppy may grow up to be fawn when it is black currently.

The German word for pugs is mops

Whether you call them pugs, puggy, or give them an adorable name like the infamous pugs of Pewdiepie called Edger and Maya, they will remain the same, lovable, adorable creature that they are. No wonder even a heavy-toned language as German has a sweet word for pugs, i.e., “mops.”

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