Top 10 Strongest Animals on Land

Our world is home to many unique creatures that showcase qualities we, mere humans, can only dream of.

For instance, some animals roam the face of this planet with pure brute strength. It is a quality we see in our favorite superheroes.

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These animals are some of nature’s strongest forces with incredible power, mostly not even meat-eating.

We have compiled a list of our favorite top ten picks for the strongest animals on land. Check it out!

10.  Ox

Also known as an ox or bullock, an ox is one of the most incredible and strongest animals to walk the face of our planet. It is a breed of cattle that has long been bred and domesticated by humans for farming purposes. Hence, it is safe to say that for at least 6000 years now, the ox has been kept at farms for pulling carts, plowing, and to fulfil other farming requirements. Their extraordinary strength has allowed them over the years to assist our limited capabilities. So there is no denying that you can expect an ox to pull double its body weight and work all day.

9.  Crocodile

The reptilian kings are by far the strongest land animal in the world by power bit. Found in brackish areas of Asia and Australia, its top recorded bit strength has been 2.6M kg per m2 – going over the estimated bit power of a T-Rex. No wonder dinosaurs are considered ancestors to reptiles because it turns out that with time, these animals have evolved into powerful creatures, crossing even their traditional barriers of strength.

8.  Gorilla

Gorillas are the largest and strongest primates in the world, infamously known for their strength – quite evidently from the fame of King Kong. Not to be confused with monkeys, Gorillas are a different subtype in the apes’ category and can weigh up to 200kg. However, what makes them so fascinating in terms of strength is that they can lift 10´ of their body weight. Usually herbivorous, unlike their portrayal, gorillas are gentle in general and spend a fancy lifestyle of walking around on their knuckles and climbing and hanging from trees.

7.  Lion

Known as the world’s most social felines, lions are mainly found roaming the African grasslands and savannas while hunting and raising cubs. Because they are raised in pride, lions develop social skills early on and seek socially reformative behavior as they grow older. However, lions are seen as the predators across the wild, and rarely do any animals ever indulge their socialistic behavior. Moreover, a lion’s signature fur coat is like an identification mark because their bodies can be easily mistaken for other wild felines without it.

6.  Tiger

The largest and the strongest species of big wild cats, tigers are known for their strenuous strength and force to hunt and kill their prey. They then carry these kills – which can weigh twice the tiger’s body weight – to enjoy on the ground and sometimes even high up in the trees. Siberian and Bengal tigers are the most famously known and, over the years, have been extensively worked upon to save the species from extinction.

5.  Anaconda

While there are considerable sub-species of anacondas, the largest one being the Green Anaconda can weigh up to 250 kg while more than 10 meters long. The slimy reptilian constricts its prey and kills using the venomous sting without letting go. This allows the anaconda to take a jab at preys much larger in area than them. Hence, animals like wild pigs, caimans, and sometimes even jaguars fall prey to anacondas, allowing them a big meal equalizing up to their body weight.

4.  Bear

While our soft, cuddly, and cute teddy bears don’t stand a chance against our grips, the real bears are much more heavy and strong. A mere human being seldom stands a chance if a wild bear decides to attack and make prey out of it. However, despite being the strongest land animals alive today, certain bear species are also completely herbivorous. But that does not mean that it is safe to pet them. Bears are easily irritable and aggressive and should not be threatened.

3.  Hippo

The strongest bite recorded at a whopping 1.28M kg per m2 was of a hippo. Known as the most dangerous animal in Africa, hippos are commonly found to breed any still water body and attack if they feel their habitat is compromised. Not the friendliest, hippos are one such animal that the human race just could domesticate or help evolve into a more amiable animal. Otherwise, hippos have incredible strength that we humans could use.

2.  Rhino

Rhinoceros, commonly shortened as rhino, is a famous land animal known for its facial horns. It is an officially known member of the five extant species of ungulates.  They are the largest and strongest animals with a strictly plant-based lifestyle and can weigh up to a ton in adulthood. As mammals by category, rhinos have tiny brains and can easily be found roaming African grassland and hunting by felines.

1.  Elephant

Last but not least, elephants had to be our number one pick for the strongest animals on this planet. These big friendly giants are the world’s largest land animals weighing up to 12 tons – equal to almost 130 humans. They can carry a load of 9000kg, which allows them to be used by people for a long time for traveling and other purposes. Elephant trunks and tusks alone can grow over 2 meters and weigh anywhere near 300kg. So naturally, elephants are the largest and strongest land animal ever.

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