Are You The Lucky Owner of a Black Cat

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As soon as you spot a black cat, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

If your answer is bad luck, well, we’ve been made to believe that black cats are bad omens.

Though many consider it a superstition, some people firmly believe that black cats bring bad luck.

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Apart from that, black cats are usually associated with witchcraft and Halloween as well. However, in many countries, it is believed that a black feline brings good luck and is, in fact, a sign of good fortune. If you are the owner of a black cat, consider yourself lucky. Wondering why? Read on to find out about the good omens associated with black cats.

1. They can help your love life

In various parts of the world, people have the notion that keeping a black cat in the house can help improve one’s love life. In some cultures, it is believed that a black cat is an ideal wedding gift for a bride as it brings happiness and good luck. Moreover, a black cat is associated with warding off evil spirits, allowing the newlyweds to have a long, happy life together. In Japan, a single woman having a black cat means she will attract more suitors.

2. They can bring you good fortune and wealth

Besides making your love life better, black cats are said to bring good luck to the owners along with improving their financial status. For British sailors, a black cat ensured a safe journey back home. In Scotland, it is believed that if a black cat lands at your doorstep, it is a sign of prosperity, while in Ireland and England, a black feline crossing your path brings good luck. Moreover, French farmers believed that a black cat could lead them to treasure if it were left at a crossroad with five

roads intersecting each other.

3. They ensure safe homes

Many believe that black cats have strong positive powers, and keeping your black feline safe and happy will ensure a safe home. If you are the lucky owner of a black cat, make sure you take extra care of your furry friend. However, those who want to keep their homes protected and safe can buy a black cat figurine and place it facing north to keep negative energies and bad omens away.

4. They are healthy and can resist disease

Cats with shiny black coats tend to be healthier as compared to cats of other colors. Their fur helps ward off various diseases. Moreover, the genes linked with black color are responsible for their strong immune systems.

5. They can change color

For a cat to be jet-black in color, both parents should carry the black color gene. However, tabby is a dominant coat type in cats, and if you observe them closely, some black felines have indistinct tabby patterns in their coat. If your black cat with tabby genes enjoys spending some time in the sun, its fur might turn into a rusty brown color with time. The reason behind it is that the sun’s rays lighten their fur’s black pigment making the tabby stripes visible.

Myths associated with black cats

The sad part is that people avoid adopting black cats from shelters because they are usually considered bad omens. Here are some myths about these black furballs.

Black cats are witches

Many people believe that a witch can take the form of a black cat, allowing them to performed magic spells in the disguise of a cat.

They bring bad luck and death

Not only are black cats considered to bring bad luck, but also death. In the 16th century in Italy, if a black cat would jump on someone’s sickbed, it was assumed that death was imminent. Besides, many people believe the superstition that if a black cat is spotted at a funeral, another family member’s death is nearing.

A black cat shouldn’t be adopted

Unfortunately, fuzzy black cats have the lowest adoption rates in various countries. The major reason is the myths associated with black cats. Moreover, black felines are considered less friendly pets as compared to lighter-coated cats.

Now that you are well aware of the various reasons why owning a black cat doesn’t bring you bad luck go ahead and adopt a furry friend. The best part is that they will bring you good luck and wealth and ensure your home’s safety as well. Though the myths and superstitions attached to black cats have been there for ages, one thing is for sure they make great buddies and won’t harm you. Are you ready to be the lucky owner of a black cat?

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