Baby Seals – Cute White-Furred Babies

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Seals are mammals that spend relatively less time on the land than they do in the water.

They are found primarily in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans that are warm-blooded mammals.

They have sleek bodies that are smooth which allows them to swim easily through water.

Primarily marine animals, they feast on fishes and crustaceans found in the water. Seals happen to have a very good lung capacity and can stay submerged underwater for up to 15 minutes at a time while they venture down into the depths of the cold sea to hunt.

The mating season sees females form large colonies on the floating ice in the Arctic waters where they give birth to the young. Seals spend most of their time in the water but they will find themselves returning to the floating packed ice in order to molt their coat of fur to grow a new one.

When it comes to the harp seal, they are also called the saddleback seals because of their dark marking on the backs that looks like a saddle. The seal pups are born on the packed ice where the females form the colonies and they stay there with their mothers.

Initially, seal pups do not have any blubber. The blubber is a thick layer of fat which gives seals their buoyancy and insulates them from the cold waters of the Arctic sea. Seal pups are quickly able to gain the necessary blubber by feeding on their mothers’ fat-rich milk.

Once they reach the weight of 80 kilos, their mothers will stop nursing the baby seals. Once their mothers stop feeding them, the seal pups will go on without having had any food for about 6 weeks. This time sees them lose almost half of the weight that they had gained while being nursed by their mothers.

Eventually, they come to a point where they dive into the water themselves and start hunting. The baby seals are particularly considered to be cute because of their thick white coats of fur that protects them from the cold in their early stages. They molt the thick fur by the time they become ready to dive into the waters and hunt for themselves.

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