beautiful hidden tropical beaches

Beautiful Hidden Tropical Beaches Around the World

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Bora Bora, the Bahamas, Seychelles, the Maldives, Hawaii.

Those well-known tropical islands often are the first destinations that come to our minds when wanting to escape to a paradisiac tropical beach.

However, the world is also full of other hidden beauties, which offer the same feeling of living in an alternate, perfect universe. Here are some beautiful hidden tropical beaches.

Bottom Bay, Barbados, Caribbean

Located on the South East Coast of Barbados, Bottom Bay offers a picturesque, peaceful and relaxing beach, making it the ideal picnic venue. The beach, also surrounded by jagged cliffs, is the perfect getaway when seeking for a ‘desert island’ atmosphere. Coconut palm trees, mysterious caves, shimmering turquoise water and golden white sand all can be found there, which truly makes it a tropical paradise.


Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands have beaches with spectacular landscapes and endless horizon. Several of those islands also allow nature beach camping and bushwalking. In fact, five of the islands have uninhabited resorts and are the ultimate experience for adventure and relaxation.

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Lighthouse Dondra Head, Sri Lanka

Dondra Head Lighthouse might be a popular tourist location because it hosts Sri Lanka’s tallest lighthouse, but just nearby can be found two very small natural pools made by rocks and a beautiful beach rich in faunal diversity with a breathtaking view overlooking the ocean. A place nobody wants to miss seeing and experiencing.

Lighthouse Dondra

One Foot Island, Aitutaki

White sand, coconut trees, clear water and deserted beaches: Aitutaki’s One Foot Island really is the perfect secret vacation escape. Considered as one of the most heavenly places, its pristine turquoise lagoon full of marine life proposes a unique beach destination. Whether it’s for a family trip or a solo adventure, your stay on this island will give you an unforgettable Pacific Island experience.

One Foot island

Akamas Peninsula National Park, Cyprus

Home to the Lara Beach, an essential turtle breeding ground, the Akamas Peninsula National Park in Cyprus has beaches facing the open sea where the sand is soft and golden, and the sea is crystal clean and clear. The island also has a picturesque fishing village with a few fine sandy beaches that are popular for water spots. An ideal place for either relaxing, watching the pleasure boats or surfing.


Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda not only proposes a variety of white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and astonishing landscapes, but has evidence of rich heritage of African, Indian and Spanish historic ruins as well. Natural wonders are abundant and easily accessible, and because the British Virgin Islands provide a tropical climate, trips to access the beaches can be made all year-round.


Moorea Island, French Polynesia

One of the most scenically striking islands in French Polynesia, Moorea Island possesses an immaculate beauty, a relaxed vibe and a welcoming spirit. Surrounded by blue lagoon, the island’s beaches are protected, but still accessible, for their vibrant coral reefs, where swimming among sharks, rays and many other marine animals is possible.

Beautiful hidden tropical beach

Bohey Dulang Island, Sabah Borneo, Malaysia

Bohey Dulang Island might not be known by many, but this mountainous island offers magnificent water views once on top of the peak. Visitors can afterwards swim in its clear waters, which include about 500 species of coral reef fish. Some say that the island looks so surreal that it doesn’t even look like it truly exists.

Beautiful hidden tropical beach

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