6 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Flower

Contrary to its common use, lavender is not just a beautiful flower that adds a pop of color to your decor or a mesmerizing scent for soaps.

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Lavender is much more than that. This Mediterranean flowering plant is a fantastic multi-purpose herb.

It can be used adequately for plenty of amazing uses to derive great health and other benefits. From a flavoring component in food and beverages to lavender essential oil for aromatherapy, lavender carries many potential uses.

So let’s have a look at some excellent benefits of lavender flowers that go beyond their beauty, color, and scent.

1. Antibacterial and Antifungal Qualities

Everybody knows lavender as the beautiful purple flower with a lovely scent, but did you know that lavender also has exceptional antibacterial and antifungal properties?

According to multiple research outlets, lavender has shown remarkable results against other antifungal agents found in the market. The lavender flower extract can be made into a serum, a cosmeceutical, an ointment, or just pure essential oil may do the trick depending on where you will apply it.

In fact, against many common antifungal and antibacterial medicated supplies, lavender has shown great potential for alleviating symptoms of both. Combined with its soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities, lavender also works wonders against staph infections.

2. Deep Sleep Inducing Characteristics

One of the trendiest uses of lavender extract and essential oil these days is using it as a sleep booster. After all, it is no secret that rubbing lavender oil at your pulse points at night or even adding a few drops of the extract on your pillow may get the job done.

Therefore, this intense usage and popularity have led to many brands attempting their take on lavender products. So now you can find not just lavender-scented stuff, but actually lavender-infused things. From inhalers to eye masks, heating pads, and dry lavender plant bags, there is a whole range of lavender products you can use for deep sleep-inducing benefits.

3. Great for Skin & Hair Care

Combined with its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender has shown tremendous benefits for both skin and hair. It can easily be used to ward off acne-scarring because of its wound healing properties and make your skin appear clearer while rejuvenating the outer layer.

Similarly, it works great for hair loss as it can ward off any fungal damage or dandruff cultivating in your scalp, adversely affecting your hair growth. Moreover, studies had shown that lavender might be an effective hair growth booster given when the oil was tested, the hair grew back within four weeks.

4. Lavender Tea for Mood Disorders

Lavender tea is made by brewing the dried purple buds of the flower in hot water. Hence, allowing a direct transfusion of all-natural extraction of outstanding lavender qualities. This makes lavender tea a fantastic compound to stimulate stem cells in the brain and alleviate any fatigue, irritability, and anxiety you may be feeling.

Both the scent and the oral intake of lavender through lavender tea allow the person to improve their mood and clear their mind. It stimulates brain activity towards a more calm and progressive state than a negative or a foggy thought process.

5. Calming Agent for Menstrual Cramps

Everybody’s bodies are different and may feel and likely respond to other things just as differently. Therefore, while this benefit may work for some people, it may not work for others. The idea is basically that many of the qualities of the lavender flower combined can reduce discomfort and decrease pain.

As many women feel menstrual cramping, severe lower abdominal pain, and just general discomfort in the body all the whole, a lavender oil massage works great to help make it better. Moreover, the scent of the lavender extract and drinking lavender tea ha also shown positive effects against menstrual cramping.

6. Works against Digestive Issues

There are specific lavender teas that can also significantly help with aiding digestive issues. Yes, lavender works powerfully against digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, intestinal gas, bloating, or just an upset stomach.

Because lavender is generally a calming agent, it also tricks your brain into thinking that the body is feeling better after you’ve had your lavender tea. Moreover, if you don’t want to have herbal tea, even lavender in aromatherapy is good for alleviating digestive problems.

Final Thoughts

While the benefits of lavender are an ongoing study topic for scientists, there is a high chance sometime in the future; lavender is scientifically proven to be a helpful drug. It may even become an FDA-approved drug to work against all these issues we have in our daily lives. Until then, safely use lavender flower, oil, and tea for what seems to work for you and see a doctor in case of any adverse reactions immediately.

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