10 Secrets Your Cat’s Tail Is Trying to Tell You

Cats are beautiful creatures. They may not speak to us with words, but they certainly let us know what’s on their minds with their tails.

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A cat’s tail is a great tool and an anatomical wonder when it comes to self-expression.

Tail–talk from cats is a real thing. Even small observations can equip you with the ability to understand what your cat is trying to tell you. If you learn the cues your cat uses to communicate with you, it will love you even more. Here are some of the ways cats talk with their tails.

1. Up, up in the Air

You may have noticed your cat pet running to you as soon as you walk through the door with their tail upright. There is no better way of saying “I love you, and I missed you” than having the tail up in the air. It is a sign that tells you that your cat adores you.

2. Tail With a Question Mark

This is when your cat’s tail is upright with a slight hook right at the end. It means that they are in a friendly mood but also a bit curious and tentative. They may be a bit skeptical but want to get closer to you. This sign is usually given by cats at the shelter that wants to be pet and loved but could be scared. If your cat twists its tail in the shape of a question mark, extend your hand to pet it. It will respond back with love and head bonks.

3. The Twitch

When you pet cats, they start twitching the tip of their tail. That’s a sign that your cat wants you to stop petting it because it’s over-stimulated. If you don’t back off, you will get scratched. Your cat is politely asking you to stop petting so listen.

4. The Flip

Whenever you scold your cat, it will flip its tail hard on the surface. In kitty language, it’s trying to tell you “whatever.” Your cat is being snooty and will not take up with your scolding.

5. Tail Hug

Your cat climbs up your lap while you are watching TV or working on your laptop. It settles in and wraps its tail around your arm or your wrist. This is your cat’s way of hugging you. Some call it a “tail hug.”

6. Pointed Cat Tail

A pointed tail indicates that your cat is startled. It’s not the same as being terrified. This feeling is closer to getting shook when you catch them off guard. At this point, your cat’s tail probably becomes vertical, and the fur on the body stands up. Gently stroke your cat, and let it know it’s okay and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Calm them down.

7. Tail Tag

Cats do this when they are in a playful mood. They flick their tail back and forth while looking at an object or another cat. You will notice your cat behave this way when you give it toys.

8. Hunting Tail

A hunting tail is similar to a tail tag. In this instance, your cat hunkers down, and the tail gets stretched behind them. The tip of the tail twitches slightly, and they launch towards a rodent or an interactive toy. This position is how they discharge adrenalin through their feline bodies.

9. Whip Tail

Your cat whips its tail side-to-side like it’s sweeping the surface with it. This is a sign that something isn’t right. Whipping of tail means fear is involved, and if not that, then your cat might be reacting to something that has triggered it. There is a possibility your cat is upset with you. So observe the behavior and try to calm it down by giving treats.

10. Tail Moving Slowly

You might have observed your cat focusing on something that you can’t see. While it’s doing this, you might have noticed its tail moving slowly. A slow-moving cat tail is an indication of intention and focus, such as pouncing at another cat, toy, etc., or catching a bug. It shows that your fur baby is getting its body ready and preparing to attack. You could give your cat plenty of interactive toys to keep it entertained and prevent it from going out and attacking an actual mouse or a bird.

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